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Do you often look for ways to supplement your curriculum? Online websites can be a great way to add in ways to supplement things in your curriculum. I had the chance to review the Pro Plan from to use to supplement our curriculum. If your looking for work sheet and test creators, worksheets, and even lessons plans then this is the place for you.

The Pro Plan gives you unlimited access to many easy-to-use resources for grades K – 12. You will find below that you have access to creating your own worksheets, tests, and practice activities. Many of the materials on this site are Common Core Compliant. So if you live in a state that is Common Core Compliant then it would make tracking your work much easier. has many different things for grades K – 12. The science lessons are directed at middle school and high school grades levels. The learning can be done self paced as the child can take as little or as long as they would like. You can assign the child a lesson by sending them either an email or a link to view. There is a test and other interactive links in each lesson to provide further learning on the topics. You will also find lessons for grammar and math. There is a small selection there for younger grades but many more for the older grades.


There are games you can generate, such as bingo, word searches, and math worksheets. You can create your own tests with multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blank, and open ended tests. I find that this comes in handy when we are working on different themes and I want to test what they have learned.

Lastly there is a worksheets section on different topics such as: art, early education, English Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Physical Education, Science, Seasonal and Holiday, Social Studies, and Study Skills and Strategies.

How I Used This:

I used this a lot more with my son then with my daughter. We were really into the science lessons. I did print out some handwriting worksheets for my daughter as well as some grammar worksheets. I really see a lot more that I can use to benefit both of them.


Each day my son did one of the science lessons. Sometimes I did send him an email with the link to the lesson and other times I just logged in and we just did them from me logging in. The only thing I wish about the videos is that they had voice narration other then having to pause the video a lot to be able to read through it. The videos are not long which are nice because it kept my sons attention. I like the fact that you could start out by reading and take a quiz on what you know about it. Then you were able to watch and video and take a test. There was also links to other sites that extended what we were already learning. For example we learned about the different lunar phases and one of the sites we went to my son had to figure out which piece of the moon belonged into one phase. that was actually really neat because you had to look closely.

I also looked through the literate and I liked the fact that there was a short reading and comprehension questions. It was nothing long and dragging and it was something that could keep a child interested.

I really like the fact that I can create different test worksheets for my own use. Yes you can use worksheets that were already created, however if you didn’t cover all of the topic then we had to research some of the things. I actually don’t mind that as it gives them the option to look things up on there own.

I like that I can schedule things and send it via email to be done online but I also like the fact that I can print a pdf as well to have a hard copy.


There are so many things I love about this site. So many things I can supplement and use in our curriculum. The math and grammar will come in handy to work on as review to make sure they understand the concept. I love that they also have answer keys as well.


One thing I would love to see is lessons for Social Studies. I would love to be able to have my son using it just like the science. He seemed to really enjoy the lessons.

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