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Are you looking for worksheets to help supplement subjects that you are already currently working in? Maybe your looking for worksheets to review topics that you have already learning about. I have been using worksheets for multiple subjects as supplements from For this review I have received Help Teaching Pro Subscription. The worksheets and lesson plans on this site are for grades PreK – 12. My focus is in this review is elementary grades as I used with my daughter who is in third grade.


If your not familiar with it is a site that is a subscription service. It does have some free stuff on the site to give you an idea of what it is about. This site contains printable and online tests, activities, lessons, and games. The nice thing is you also can make your tests. You can print the worksheets or you can do them online. There are multiple subjects, such as: English Language Arts, Health and Medicine, Life Skills, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Study Skills and Strategies, Technology, and Vocational Education. So as you can see there is a wide variety.

They do have some lessons for language arts and math to use with the elementary grades. These are already set up for you to use. You have the choice to work on these lessons online or print the lessons. That choice is up to you.

How I Used This: 

I used this with my daughter. I had supplemented our language arts, writing, and reading. I started out looking for topics that we have worked on in language arts. I started using them as a review. As we moved on through my daughters curriculum, I started to print worksheets to make sure that she understood the concept of what we were working. I had to switch to different grades at times. That is ok as I found what I needed to use.

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Writing is a topic that I have been working on with my daughter. I am trying to get her to write smaller, and write more complete sentences. She wants to make them very long. Mostly I feel that they are run on sentences. I really liked printing the writing worksheets. I think so far my daughters favorite has been the Alien Welcome Committee. You print the worksheet and they give you a little blurb and tell what you should be writing about. Some of the writing worksheets have questions. So I would show her how to answer the questions and turn her answers into complete sentences. I really enjoyed using the writing worksheets with my daughter, as I think they have been a great asset into showing her how to answer questions with complete answers and it was also fun for her to do.

We also used the Informational Stories and Texts. I added these to our reading class. We did one three times a week. How these are set up is that your child will read a couple paragraphs and then answer multiple choice questions. I did this as practice for reading comprehension. She did very well with them.


I also did use some of the math worksheets as review. Just to practice some of the things we have learned and to make sure some of those skills were still there. I did also use the math worksheets with my son for review. We seem to have to review a lot with him. If we don’t use the skills they are lost.

My Thoughts: 

I really do like the variety and the fact that you can find something for all grades at I also like the fact that you have the choice to print the worksheets or do them online. There are times where my son would prefer to do them online. Sometimes online works better for us. It just depends what we are exactly working on. I do like having access to a test maker. We are currently working on World War 2 in history and I am going to need to make a test for that really soon. Another nice thing is you can search by grade or by subject. For me things are easier to find if I search by subject. Sometimes I have to go higher or lower for the kids.

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