Help Game of Quests For A Chance to Win A Fit Bit Ends Ends 3/12


Help Game of Quests For A Chance to Win a Fit Bit Ends 3/12. Your probably wondering what Game of Quests is. Game of Quests is an activity tracking app that also is set to entertain as well. If you ask me I think this is a great combination. I normally don’t post stuff like this but an app like this has great potential. When I say great potential I mean great! It gets you moving. I know myself and my kids would love this!


It starts out with you selecting your race of dwarf, human, elf, or other mystery being. Once you choose your race you start leveling in three classes – boost up your strength and stamina as a warrior ( complete fitness quests), work on intelligence and skills as a mage ( quests based on culture) or socialize and help to protect the environment as a druid (social, ecological, and relationship quests).


You can play together with your friends. Track their progress, challenge them, win and be the best!

It is meant to be RPG-like with the characters development with leveling and equipment. You can earn a special currency called “milestones” by completing quests that you can spend on weapons, amours or robes, which are available in the shop.


If you have android you can download the beta version by clicking the hyper link below:

I really like the fact that this app can be motivating and challenge you. I also like that you can have fun and move at the same time. Right now you can not get this on the Windows phone or iOS. This is where Game of Quests needs your help. Visit Crowding Funding to see how you can help. The goal is to reach 11,000 dollars. Click the hyper link below to see more about the game as well as donating.

For More on Game of Quests Visit:


If you donate $1.00 and Game of Quests can reach their $11,000 goal, ONE lucky reader will win a Fitbit. This giveaway will end 3/13. This is open world wide.


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