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One thing that is really important to me in raising my kids is boosting my kids character, social and emotional skills. Emotion skills and social skills are something we struggle with here as both my two younger kids are on the autism spectrum. When Happy Kids Songs came up for review I knew I had to try it as it seemed like a fun and creative way to work with my kids on character.

Happy Kids Songs has 8 award winning albums each with 5 songs.

Vol 1: Friends and Sharing

Vol 2: Social Skills and Bullying

Vol 3: Feelings and Fears

Vol 4: Practice and Success

Vol 5: Talking and Listening

Vol 6: Manners and Character

Vol 7: Happiness and Attitude

Vol 8: Respect and Responsibility

Here is what I received for my review:


Friends and Sharing ($4.95 Album, You can purchase single songs for 99 cents) This album is about the essential ingredients to friendship, tools for reaching out to others, sharing time together, saying goodbye, and being happy with others and including others in play.


Happiness and Attitude ($4.95 Album, you can purchase single songs for 99 cents) This album teaches kids about resolving conflict, being assertive, speaking nicely, gives them tools for listening, talking feelings out.


Manners and Character ($4.95 Album, you can purchase single songs for 99 cents)  This album focuses on teaching the value of honesty, learning manners, appreciating differences, consideration for others, and honoring others perspectives.


Happy Kids Song Work Book: Hands on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills (as of today that this post was written it is $12.56)

The Happy Kids Songs are for ages 4 – 8. The songs have adult quality music but with words that tap into the most common issues for this age group. There is also a companion to each of the downloads to each album that is a free download , with 10 pages of lyrics, coloring pages, dot-to-dots, cris-cross puzzles, and a matching game for kids.

I want to mention a little bit about the workbook as well as it is a great companion. It is a 125 pages and includes lyrics and coloring pages (that you can download for free), but it adds in over a hundred lessons and activities for parents/teachers to share. I really liked the questions and some of the craft ideas.

How We Use It:

I used this during circle time with both the kids. I played an album a day and let the kids do other things while it was playing. After we listened to all three albums I went back and we did a song a day. This time I would let them listen to the song and I would grab the work book and go over each verse in the song. We talked about what the song meant and the areas we could improve. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the workbook yet as we are still work in progress. However, we did use some of the color pages and will resort back to crafts as we continue to work on these.

My daughter really got into the songs. She would dance along with them and later on even sing along with them. My son well he is older and I found even he liked the music. There is something very valuable to learn from these songs. I love that the songs are upbeat and catchy and they have lessons to teach. I don’t have a favorite as I like them all. There are songs I do plan on going back to download that I didn’t receive in the review as I think they can help with other issues we are facing here. One of them is Respect and Responsibility.

I work on Friendship and Sharing with my daughter as she doesn’t understand that you can’t just play with one friend when you have other friends around. She is attached to one girl and both the girls exclude others. She doesn’t quite understand some of the bigger words in the song Sailing the On the 7 C’s. It’s work in progress and we are getting there. She does understand that everybody wants to have friends. I have seen improvements with how she shares. There are certain toys she will not share but is getting better. She needs to learn compromise when her friends are around. She can’t always have things her way. I also like that this works on not being bossy. My daughter is a very bossy person because she has to have things her way.

I didn’t review this but as I work through this review I really think Vol 3 would be a great addition to our house, as with autism comes anxiety and meltdowns.

My favorite part of the Happiness and Attitude that we are really working on is talking feelings out and speaking nicely. Say Whatcha Gotta Say is one of the songs we are working on repeatedly. It’s working on expressing words. My kids have a hard time with saying their thoughts and feelings and this is a very good example about being in a mood and saying what you have to say. We also worked on how we could say things better. Talkin’ About Talkin’ was another song I used right along with the Whatcha Gotta Say. It talks about speaking in helpful ways. It gives kids a better way of talking there feelings.

In Manners and Character one of the things we have been focuses on is consideration for others. Again there are times my kids don’t have consideration for others and this one is work in progress. Sometimes I think it’s more with sibling rivalry but still it’s important. We listened to this volume and we talked about it. I plan on going back again to refocus on this.

I really enjoyed this review as I see work in progress with the kids and improvements. Again, I love that the songs teach the kids things and keep them engaged. The activities were a great addition to add into them as well as being able to have the lyrics. I would highly recommend this to any parent or teacher who is looking at bettering a childs character! There is so many positives about this. I like the fact that you can download an album or just download a song.

For More on Happy Kid Songs:

Happy Kids Songs on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happykidssongs

Twitter: @howsyourfam

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/4DrMacMusic


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