Handprint 4th of July Flag Craft


Now I am not taking credit for this idea. I stumbled on it in Pinterest. The link to the original pin is HERE. I tried to see if connected back to a blog but it was just an uploaded picture. This would be great for Flag Day and the Fourth of July. I will have some more 4th of July Crafts coming in the next few days. I promised the kids we would make them today.

What You Need:

  • piece of construction paper
  • plate for paint
  • paint brush
  • qtip
  • white, yellow, red, blue paint


The first thing you do is take your child’s right hand, you paint the palm blue and the fingers red. Once you have them soaked you put your child’s hand print with thumb facing the same direction as fingers not up in the middle of the paper but make sure the hand is side ways not up and down. Make sure there is a slight space between the three middle fingers.

Take a small white paint brush and paint three white lines like I did in the pictures. I drew the pole next to the hand and painted that white.

At the top of the flag pole I drew a circle for the flag pole top and painted that yellow.

There you are you are now finished.

I absolutely love this craft and I had to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I thank the original pinner for sharing it on pinterest.

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