Great Weekend!

While I am waiting for my husband to get home with dinner. Domino’s Pizza!! I so love the Philli Cheese Steak Pizza hold the fungus!! My son is a bread stick nut!! He keeps asking every 5 minutes is daddy home yet?? LOL

Our weekend has been going pretty good. Yesterday and today Dakota, Brittany and I hung out. Yesterday we headed to Walmart and let me tell you I was so disappointed. No not in my son but in Walmart. We were going shoe shopping as my sons shoes are starting to talk! They didn’t have much of a selection for boys shoes. Much less alone they didn’t have ANY size 2 shoes. So we didn’t get shoes. My son found a transformers back pack for 5 bucks. Thought that was a good deal and he would have one for next year. Then he says mom can I please have slipper. They were Hulk slipper for only a buck. What a awesome deal! When we got home last night he said Mommy thanks for the slippers I love them. I am going to wear them every where. YIKES!!! We ate our dinner and watched movies. We had alot of fun.

Today he was waiting so patiently to play the Wii. Why is it no matter what game he plays he starts getting mad when things don’t go right? It’s rather frustrating as it ruins the fun. So we changed games and he calmed down. We were playing Wii sports! The guy on the baseball team wouldn’t swing right so he got mad. Of course he can’t really communicate that he is mad so he lets out the groans and screams. GRRR We got through that little melt down just fine with some redirecting.

We are going to watch some more movies later. He was outside running in the rain. He loves to run in the rain. Wish I could have gotten some good pictures of that.

Well hubby got home so I will end this! Have a great weekend!

Dakota wouldn’t let me take a picture of him. Today he only wanted to share his slippers. LOL


13 Responses to “Great Weekend!”

  • 1
    Naomi says:

    What a great bargain I love a good bargain. The slippers are cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Stopping by from Harriets Comment Challenge

    admin Reply:

    I thought so too! I love when I come across great bargains too. I actually found a pair of jammies too for my daughter while I was out. I saw the cutest 4th of July outfit that I think I am going to go back and get!

  • 2
    Daisy says:

    Aww! Those are cute! I would love to have a pair for myself too! *winks*

    Thanks for dropping by at my blog! Maybe you’d like to join the “First Commenters Club” too?

    admin Reply:

    Aren’t they the cutest!! Thanks for dropping by! Sure I would love to join ya on the “First Commenters Club” I really enjoyed making my way through the blogs today. Looks forward to doing it again tomorrow!

  • 3
    Anne says:

    It sounds like a really fun evening. Thanks for stopping by to visit me.


    admin Reply:

    Thanks Anne! Thanks for stopping by!

  • 4
    anissa says:

    Love his slippers — to cute! Thanks for coming by today! Our weekend is going pretty good. Hubby goes back to work tonight so it is just me the kids and my little niece tonight.

    admin Reply:

    Your hubby must work the night shift. Mine was on that shift for a long time. He is finally on days again. Well 12 hour days. But I like it much better. I hope you have fun with the kiddos and your niece. Just popped on for a bit to check my pending comments and then go back and watch more movies. I think we will be on our third movie. We did movie day with the kids as it has been rainy and gloomy.

  • 5

    too funny justice will get too close to the camera so i can not get a good picture of him

    admin Reply:

    Normally he says take my picture. Last night he was just in a hurry to eat his pizza! LOL

  • 6
    Sherry says:

    Wow! Great bargain!

  • 7
    Jen says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

    I love his slippers so cute. and I know what you mean about walmart not having a good selection for boys. Even the boy section of the toy department is disappointing.

    admin Reply:

    I am really disappionted in Walmart period. Every new thing that comes out. I can’t find. I am looking for Clipo Hippos and they don’t have there. Just so disappointing.

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