Global Art – Activities, Projects, and Inventions From Around the World Review



I love using hands on stuff when I can to help teach the kids while I am homeschooling. The most recent thing we have been working on is Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions From Around the World. This book is a product of Gryphon House.




The title actually speaks for itself. It’s a book full of different hands on art projects from around the world. What I really appreciate about this book is that it makes geography, culture, and history real through direct experience and hands on work. There are over 135 projects for your child to do to give them a sense of traveling the world.

The activities are not hard and they use everyday household items to create sculptures and decorations, paintings and drawings and so much more.

For example I will pick Antarctica because that was our favorite for the crafts we did. I had no idea that nobody really lived there but there were tourists that came in summer. The only people who really live there are scientists.

What’s nice is you see a picture of the continent Antarctica. There is a little reading and suggested books to read. Which I thought was a nice addition as it gave us something to talk about. On each page that has the crafts there is little facts. Which I found very interesting.

The two crafts that we did and I will show is the Crystal Water Color Snowflakes, and Salt Clay Penguins.





We did many more arts and crafts but these were the kids favorites! We still have a lot more crafts to do as well. I plan on using them as I teach the kids the continents.

Here are a few more to give you some ideas of what is in the book:

Central Africa: Decorative Necklaces

China: Tangram Design Game

Czech Republic: Crayon Eggs

Bolivia: Edible Minatures

My kids absolutely had a blast with the different art projects. I felt they learned fun facts along the way. I also felt that they retained these fun facts to as there was nothing overwhelming. It’s hands on fun!

The step by step by instructions are pretty hand and they are not complicated in figuring out how to do things. I liked that we had most of the supplies on hand. That’s always a plus.

You can purchase this book for $16.95


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