Getting Ready For Our Summer Schedule


Now is the time of year where I start winding down. We still do school work in the summer but it isn’t a full load like during the school year. That way things aren’t lost and we can keep going. There will be different things going on this year so we have to adapt to changes as well.

Dakota starts his summer program June 13th. He will go two full days and two half days. I haven’t figured out totally how we are going to do things. Our review items will have top priority in the subjects that we work on. I will continue to work on themes with him as he seems to really enjoy it. Gives me a chance to bud off his interests as well. I just hope that we can find something that he blossoms in. Right now we are working on coding, which is a challenge for him, he gets frustrated but he does figure it out. I see great problem solving skills, just takes him a little longer. We are also working on Robots and World War 2. Our next theme will be roller coasters. I do still plan on fitting math and reading in there as well.

I am not really sure exactly yet how I will work with Brittany. I know that I can get two full days in while Dakota is away for his two full days. Again our review items will have top priority on the subjects we are working on. I want to work on a butterfly theme with her yet. I want her to have the chance to grow and release butterflies. I have to buy the kit yet. She is also showing interest in coding so we will keep working on that through the summer. We plan to go on bike rides and spend some extra time doing some of the things that we like. I can see some extra park visits.

Fridays are reserved for our field trip days. I want to visit different places in the state. I want us to see things that we haven’t seen. Things that are new to us. I want to visit the Art Museum in Milwaukee sometime this summer or fall. I also want to go to the Laura Infills Wilder Museum this year. Hoping to do that towards fall when the colors change, as I bet it will be very pretty along the Mississippi during that time.

I also decided that I am going to end our school year June 30th and start our new school year July 1st. That way it will give us a little cushion during the year if things come up. It seems like the kids get sick in the fall when school starts. I am going to switch up our curriculum a little bit this upcoming new year as well. I also want to sit down with the kids so they can pick their fun classes for the year. I guess you can call it electives maybe. That way it makes them feel as if they have a say.

I am looking forward to a lighter load this summer. We will do our lighter load until Dakota is finished with his summer program. Then we will transition back to our full time load. I suppose tomorrow I will have to ask when the summer program ends. We also have evaluations coming up for speech, occupational, and physical therapy. I have to figure out how to fit that into our schedule for Dakota.


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