Geography Drive USA iPad Review

Geography Drive USA is a fun new geography game from Spinlight Studio. This turns text book learning into a whole new level of fun and excitement.

While playing Geography Drive USA your knowledge is what fuels your car on a coast to coast quest to learn about the 50 US states. You answer questions which unlock fuel and airports which is a very important part of the game. It’s what keeps you traveling and learning. Who knows you may come across a bonus delivery which earns you extra cash to upgrade your ride.

I absolutely love that this app so much to offer. There is a visitor center in the game where you can stop and read facts such as abbreviations, state nick name, capitals, and more. (Hint if your a beginner your going to want to start at the Visitor Center). Your child will learn how to identify the state shape, capital, nick names, and more.

There is some fun twists in this game as well. For example you may be asked to identify where a river is. Don’t worry you have choices. I must admit I am a little rusty. You can win trophies and make news paper headlines for other players to see.

• Customizable cars and garage signs.
• The ability to track and score three different players/teams.
• A game-based newspaper with headlines that change to recognize player achievements.
• A visitor center with 50 state brochures and a large collection of regional and national maps.
• A traveling state fair and bonus games that add to game variety.
• Fun, travel-themed music score.
• Over 750 state and national geography questions.

Our Thoughts:

My son and I absolutely had a blast testing our knowledge. He is only just beginning to learn the states and I think this will be of great help in many ways. I love the fact that there is only 3 questions per state so it’s not overwhelming or drawn out.  I like the fact you can pick your destination. If you answer all three questions you win the state.

I also like that my son didn’t think it was work to study these facts. It was a lot more fun to him then reading a text book or writing the facts on a worksheet. It definitely makes learning more enjoyable.

I highly recommend Geography Drive USA. You can purchase this in the itunes store for $4.99

If you would like to see more of this app visit Spinlight Studio and check out their video of Geography Drive USA.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Geography Drive USA from Spinlight Studio for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.






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