The Geese…..Still Nesting!!

Friday we were out and about. It was a really beautiful day out and my oldest and my youngest went with us to enjoy some lunch and the outdoors. We were on our way home and I noticed some goslings, and I said we have to go to the Wild Life Sanctuary to see if there are any babies yet. Seriously any time now….. Remember it takes 25 – 30 days before the goslings hatch.


We just went to the bird’s side this time at the Wild Life Sanctuary. I really was hoping to see baby geese!! Sadly the geese are still nesting. Any day now they should be hatching. I don’t know that we will get there this week as Ladies Retreat is this week and I may run out of time. So early next week for sure!

The mama’s sure did look tired of sitting on the nests. They just look at you and they don’t hiss or nothing. This one her eggs were showing and she got up and was pushing this egg to hide it more. She even was putting more leaves closer to her to hide the eggs. The males aren’t really chasing you or hissing at you anymore either. Think they are ready for these babies to come. By one nest I did see a mama laying on twigs but I wonder if something got to a couple of her eggs as I did see some eggshells across from her. Not really by the nest. I think she was the only one who even hissed at us.


This goose was really fun to watch. He never flew away while we were there. He started out messing with his feathers and then decided to pose for use with his feathers to look like he was going to fly away. He did flap his wings a couple time and then went back to messing with his feathers. I did try to get a picture of the swans. There were three of them but they were to far away. I hoping that there are baby swans too. I don’t think I have ever see one.

This also was really interesting. I have never seen anything like this before either. By the fence is a big golden eagle and a canadian goose. On the other side of the cage was a nesting momma. The goose and eagle were actually having quite the conversation. It wasn’t loud or obnoxious or anything. Maybe he was even teasing the eagle I don’t know. It was really something to see and hear.

Hopefully next week we will see the babies!! We are really excited to see them this year. This is really the first year we have really paid close attention and watched how the geese acted each week during the nesting. Like I said there is always something magical that happens each time we go.



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