Gains and Regression Oh My!

Well today we had Dakota’s Progress Review. Dakota receives Autism Therapy 6 hours a week. Today’s meeting was to discuss how things were going as far as therapy goes. I think this meeting went really well today.

Dakota is going through a phase lately where he is just being plain rude. It doesn’t matter what little thing it is he is rude. I am not sure what is going on lately but we are back in that phase so that is one thing we will be working on. We talked about a visual schedule. I am going to be searching the apps in the itunes store to see if I can find a decent one. I also plan on downloading one of the autism apps for emotion to see if that will help also. Dakota has a problem with expressing emotion. He doesn’t always do it appropriately. Going to work on brushing teeth twice a day and showers every night. He went from wanting to take showers all the time to not wanting too. GRRR Another thing we talked about was writing he has such a hard time writing. His writing looks like a first grader. Another thing we will be working on is safety. With a lot of the neighbors moving out we have new yahoos moving in that don’t slow down in the parking lot. So he has to be aware of vehicles if he decides to ride his bike.

We are going to be working on fine motor skills and also him cleaning up his room. He eats messy so we are trying to make him aware of it. Which sometimes it’s really frustrating. Still has anxiety and we are going to work on that some.

As for gains he is doing really well in math. He is retaining things better since we switched to MEP Math. He is able to find the missing numbers which he couldn’t do really well before. It’s a lot of repetition and it’s slow repetition which is good. He isn’t bored with it which I am surprised. He has made some gains in Language Arts too. His reading is really coming along too. Only he don’t pause or stop for periods and commas. He reads right through them.

I am going to be making some Cloths Pin Games to use on his fine motor skills as well as turn them into learning games. As I make them you can find them in the free printables. Now since I plan on making them for Dakota I have to work on some for Brittany or there will be jealousy. So be watching for both age groups. I also plan to be working on some more printables that we will be using with some books.

So we have some good gains and some regression but that’s what happens with Autism 🙂

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