Fundanoodle – I Can Write Upper Case! Review #TOSCREW



Today I am bringing you a review of a couple Fundanoodle products. I received Blue (PreK to K): I Can Write Upper Case! and a Magnetic Dry Erase Practice Board.

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When I first looked over the product before I was going to review I was very happy to see that this product is recommended by occupational therapists. The exercises build hand and eye coordination, pencil control, and fine motor skills for writing. The reason that appealed to me is that my son struggles with writing. He has tremors but also he has issues with fine motor skills. I didn’t review this with my son though as I did this with my daughter as it fell into her age group. I do plan on using this with my son and I plan on purchasing the lowercase letters later on. My son knows how to write and knows all his letters it’s the practice and fine motor we are working on.

The I Can Write Upper Case! is great for ages 4-5/PreK-K. We spent 15 – 20 minutes a day on the handwriting. I also made sure that my daughter could identify the letter before we moved on. We used the magnetic dry erase board the most. When I felt that she could master it we used the book.

When you first open the book you get to Meet Max & Alphie. Max is a cute monkey that gives you the directions of the letters on the pages. Alphie is a cute little boy that cheers you on for mastering the letter. You also get to put a sticker on when you master it. My daughter loved the stickers 🙂

Next is the tips for parents. I really liked the visual as it showed you how to stabilize the paper and talked about the pencil grasp, and paper placement. They also mention posture and alternative positions. Which I think is a great aid to the parents so they know what to watch for.

Next page is the instructions. It gives a visual of the stop and go lines. It explains the zip, zoom, buzz and hop lingo that is used through the book by the Max.

Then you move on and you have the pages. The first page is L. For example: Max says 1. Zip down and 2. Zip across. I think my daughter had fun with the lingo as when she was writing I heard he say zip down and zip across. It gives you a picture of a lady bug. You have different boxes which are the same as what you see on the magnetic dry erase board.

In my pictures above you will see a sample page and what we did on the magnetic dry erase board. The picture I took on the magnetic dry erase board was us reviewing the letters. I noticed on her E’s she made a few F’s by mistake.

I loved having use of the magnetic board as it gave us more practice. I even had her spell her name on the the line.

I love the sensory part of this as well. The kids can explore by visual cues and it encourages touch. My daughter would run her finger over the letters  and she would pretend to write with her finger in the boxes.

I think this is a great learning to write program. I also feel that it could benefit kids who have trouble with writing and fine motor. I do know the writing was one thing my son worked on in occupational therapy and I will continue to work on it with him.

My daughter absolutely had fun. She loves to learn to write and she loves to practice her letters. She would even grab the magnetic dry erase board to practice when we weren’t doing school work. She was excited to put the sticker on when she mastered her letters.

You can purchase I Can Write Upper Case! for $5.99 and you can purchase the magnetic dry erase board for $9.99.




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