In Freedom’s Cause – An Amazing Audio Adventure Review

In Freedom's Cause Audio Drama Review



Last year I was first introduced to Heirloom Audio Productions with Under Drake’s Flag. If you read my review you know how much we really enjoyed it. We were really looking forward to the new audio adventure that was just released not to long ago. I was give In Freedom’s Cause Single Package for my review.

The contents of this package include (29.97 plus shipping and handling):

  • In Freedom’s Cause (CD Set – Physical Copy)
  • In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide (Digital Copy)
  • In Freedom’s Cause Sound Track (MP3 Download)
  • Printable Copy of The Prayer of William Wallace (Digital Download)

Recommended ages – 6 to Adult.

The time period of this audio adventure takes you back to the late 1200’s and early 1300’s in Scotland. You meet the heroic William Wallace who died for fighting what he believed in. You see him and his men fighting the opposition of England. What’s even more amazing is the Scottish win most of the battles with overwhelming odds. They are fighting hundreds and thousands of men and there is not as many Scottish fighting. William Wallace is a man who has a tremendous amount of faith and love for God, undaunted courage, and a passion to free Scotland. Later King Robert the Bruce takes over where Wallace left off and following the plan that Wallace had beat the English and freed Scotland.

How We Used This:

I used the CD as a replacement for our History while we were reviewing this. We listened to a couple tracks a day and used the study guide along with the CD. We also listened to the sound track during circle time. It only took us a little over a week to get through the 2CDs. You have 2 1/2 hours of non-stop adventure you listen too.

We would listen to the CD and I would follow along with the questions and pause the CD when I wanted my son to answer them. We also found ourselves talking about things that happened as well and made predictions on what we thought was going to happen.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Study Guide. I found it very helpful to use as we listened. It was great for recalling important things that happened and for comprehension as well. In the beginning of the study guide there is a little reading that talks briefly about G.A. Henty, Sir William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce. Now it doesn’t label the tracks of the CD but gives you different titles of what is going on during the CD. If you follow along while you have the CD playing it’s not that difficult to follow as you can pause if you need. You have a Listen Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words. Listen Well and Thinking Further are just questions that are to be answered by the student. At the end of the study guide are some notes on the history of Scotland as well as a Bible Study.

I plan on revisiting the CD and study guide again as we only use the Listen Well and had our own discussions. The reason I would like to revisit the CD is I would like to have my son write the vocabulary as we work through the CD, and do the Thinking Further and Bible Study.

Our Thoughts: 

We were absolutely in love with In Freedom’s Cause. It kept us on the edge of our seats as we always wanted to know what happened next. I love that this brought history to life. It’s better then reading a book. You get to listen, hear and visualize what is going on in the story.

We felt that William Wallace was very heroic. We loved just how much he put his faith in God. He was a very strong and smart man with a lot of courage. He wasn’t afraid to fight for his country. At first we didn’t think much of King Robert the Bruce as he bailed on William Wallace when they offered him the King the first time. I didn’t think that many people would follow behind him in the fight as moral seemed like it was down. King Robert the Bruce did come through just as brave as William Wallace.

There were a couple funny parts that really had a us laughing as well. Gerald playing the Goat Woo. It sounded terrible and I don’t know how he was suppose to entertain properly with that. It had us laughing. The second part was when Ned proposed to Lady Marjory and she said that his mother wanted him to marry Lady Kerr as she was suitable for him. Well it turns out that Lady Marjory was Lady Kerr. I guess you maybe had to hear the conversation to get the most out of it.

We also liked that Ned and Gerald were in this story as well as the first one. Ned was very determined and a big follower of William Wallace. He believed in him and his cause.

There is also a lesson to this story and that is to fight for what you believe in and don’t give up. The Scotts fought so hard and at times their was disappointment but they never gave up. They ended up being free.

The actors and actresses did a fantastic job. We watched the 30 minute video and you can see how they got into it as they recorded it. I really loved how they talked about their characters as well.

I would highly recommend this to any homeschooler as well as any one who loves listening to history come alive. We are already excited about the next CD that is set to come out called With Lee In Virginia. I believe this is to release around Memorial Day. Just click on the hyper link to read my review on Under Drake’s Flag.

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In Freedom's Cause Review
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