Free Apps – Friday November 22 – 2013

Thought I would compile of list of all the free apps that I notice that are being shared. I will share them as I find them. This page will be updated through out the day.


Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure is free for this weekend. You can grab this on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. This app contains 3 Sing-a-long music videos, 3 modes of reading, and coloring pages. This looks to be a cute app for the Wubbzy fans.




Annie’s Picking Apples 2 is free today only. This is a very cute app for kids to learn to count to 20 and to motivate kids to read. Your little one gets to pick apples from the trees, there is also little jigsaw puzzles in the mix. Your child will also be able to practice logical sequence. Compatible with iPad.




Peek-a-Zoo Moo: Toddlers Peekaboo with Farm Animals – Meet new animals on a trip to the farm. There is 2 modes – tour the whole zoo or choose the animals to play with. Your child will also learn the names to these farm animals. Compatible with iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.


screen568x568 (1)


Spellyfish Phonics – Short A Words – Join Spellyfish the jellyfish in a fun underwater adventures of spelling and reading. Your child will learn primary letter sounds and letter names for the alphabet. I like the idea that they teach the sounds broken up as well as blended together to make words. This also helps to identify upper and lower case alphabet. Recommended for kids ages 4 – 6. I must say I am glad I came across this. I will be using this with my daughter. Compatible with iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.




Flippi Game Box Vol 1 – This looks like it has 6 different games. Doodle & Color, Puzzle, Animal Sounds, Shapes, Sliding Puzzle, and matching. Looks like lots to do to keep your child busy for a while. No in-app purchases! Compatible with ipad.


screen480x480 (1)


DK Peekaboo! Read-along stories and interactive games powered by FamLoop – This sounds adorable as there are stories and flaps that lift to make the story come to life. Lots of games to play such as: matching pairs, counting, connect the dots, hide and seek, and animal sounds. This looks to have some in-app purchases. Compatible with iPad.


screen568x568 (2)


Zoo Train – Your child can play 5 different games and bonus sticker activity. You will find picture puzzles,
Whistle Music, Train Builder, Word Builder, and Track Typhoon. The 5 games teach alphabet & letters, word construction, musical scale & note recognition, matching patterns and recognizing shapes. Compatible with iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.


screen568x568 (3)


Learn ABC Phonics: Extra part of “Read with Pen” series – apps that will teach your toddler to read – I admit this is a new one for me. This app will teach your child letters and letter sounds. It looks like there is letter tracing in this as well. Compatible with iphone, ipad, ipod touch.


screen480x480 (2)

Midnight Feast – is a 44 page picture book. The story is about a girl who gets to stay up late for a midnight feast. Interactions on every page. Compatible with ipad.


screen568x568 (4)

Punky  Dunk and Friends – new interactive lift-the-flap book for kids. The story line is about making new friends. There is in story activities for your child. Compatible with ipad, iphone, and ipod touch

screen568x568 (5)

Discover and Learn – Alphabet- ABC – Ideal For Kid – FuLL – In this app your child will learn upper and lower case letters, learn script letters, and learn cursive. Associating sounds with letters and cursive. There is ABC play book where children can play with the letters and a animal sticker game. Compatible with ipad, ipod touch, and iphone.

screen568x568 (6) Colors  Memory Match!– This looks to be a fun way of learning colors. Your child will match color to color, match colors to their name, match unique patterns that have the same color, hear color names as you touch them, discover new color designs and layouts as you play, pop balloons and hear them count, and there is a show me option for easier play. Compatible with iphone, ipod touch, and ipad.


screen480x480 (3)

Toonia Card Creator – This looks like a really cute app for creating cards. You can save, print and share the cards you create for different occassions. Comaptible with ipad.


Busy Bee Studios also has all their apps free this weekend. You can look at the compatibility of the apps on their webpage. Yes Kindle, Android and iOS 🙂 Bug Games, Zoo Train, Giggle Train, Even Monsters Get Sick.

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