Foxglove & Friends Winter Curriculum


This year my daughter and I have agreed to try some new things in the crafting world that we haven’t tried before. We are currently working on learning how to hand sew. Yes sadly I have to admit I never learned to sew or hand sew. So what better way to learn then with my daughter! She inspires me to learn new things. One of the things we really want to learn is how to knit. We wanted to start before Christmas but so many things have happened since September that have gotten in our way. So in the very near future this is something we are going to learn. We are inspired by Foxglove & Friends Winter .

I find Foxglove & Friends Winter to be something that is very unique. It is a homeschooling curriculum that teaches knitting and story telling. This is year 1 knitting for ages 7 – 9.  What I think is intriguing  is that it is a seasonal curriculum. Each season has hand work and stories. The unit is 8 lessons long, and it is broken up into several parts. You go at your own pace. I like to be able to go at our own pace. You will find things such as: narratives, senses, nature observation, describing experiences and more.

Now I haven’t read the story or did any of the projects because I want to be able to do this with my daughter. One thing we don’t know how to do is knit. I did look through the book on how to use it. I love that it gives you great directions on how things are suppose to flow. In the book it recommends that you use wool yarn, as it is softer for little fingers. There is a link provided on where you can order and what colors you will need for this curriculum. There is a helper guide with every lesson. You will read a portion and then work on your project and repeat the cycle. I have to say I thought that was really neat as your not reading it all at once and doing everything after. It’s process as you go.

The Appendix is filled with such awesome information. That to me was inspiring enough. If you don’t know how to knit there are references and suggestions there. Those to me are very helpful. Another thing that intrigued me was making your own needles. I think my daughter will have a blast at making her own needles. In the appendix you will find information about the different stitches you will need to know and how to make them. (I hope that the author will consider making a how knit/very beginner curriculum). I look forward to see what comes for the following seasons!

I highly recommend this if you have a little one who is interested in knitting! I love the concept of the story and the project as you go. I think that this has so much to offer. And if your a beginner like me, your really not left in the dark because there are resources in the appendix for you to learn.


Disclaimer: I did receive a pdf copy for my review. I was not paid for this review. The opinions are 100% mine.





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