Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 Review

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I have heard so many wonderful things about Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), that when we had the chance to review it I was really excited. I have been wanting to teach my son how to write better and understand some of the things he is writing. He isn’t very good with sentences and paragraphs. Now parts of speech he is pretty good at, which was his strength as we worked through this.

We received:

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 – Teacher Manual – $19.00

Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1 – $15.00

About Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree Book 1:

This book is about students working through daily passages by correct errors and labeling the different parts of speech. For example, finding the noun, finding the correct homophones, punctuation, pronouns, action verbs, and more. The students then rewrite the sentence correctly on a piece of paper. The sentences then turn into completing a story. As they work through each week they learn about new grammar knowledge and its context, which in turn helps them out in their own writing skills.


There are 5 different books in the Fix It! Grammar series. The grades suggested are grades 3 – 12. If you are not sure where you student would fall you could take a placement test. I did not do the placement test for my son as I knew that we should start from the beginning. I knew that some of this would be new to him and others would be review. I am perfectly happy starting in book 1.

If you would like to know more about this program, I suggest watching the webinar.


How We Used This:

We used this four times a week during our Language Arts class. Each week I would look over the Learn It before I would introduce it to my son. That way I knew exactly what he would be doing that week and what was new that would be introduced. Mondays always took us a little longer but that was ok. There are also grammar cards that we had a chance to cut out and use for reference each week as well. These come in real handy when he was struggling or unsure. It also gave him the visuals and reminders as what we were doing that week. So I made sure to lay those out and we would review them each day.

I also want to point out that while your working on the sentences there is a bold word in each sentence. We used that bold word as our vocabulary and I would have my son write out the definition of bold word daily. So he was learning a new word each day. Some he may know and others are new to him.

Each day we would work on a sentence. The book is labeled Week 1 Day 1 and so forth. What I like is that everything is laid out in the Teachers Book which makes it really easy to work with the student. My son would identify the grammar that we were working on for the week and label it, pick out the correct punctuation, and rewrite the sentence. The only different thing I do then what the book suggests is I let my son type it. The reason being is that he has a hard time writing and gets discouraged. In fact it is way more readable allowing him to type it then it is for him to write it. His fine motor skills are not that good.

My Thoughts:

This is a great program. The lessons each day don’t take us long to do at all. I find that the short work time we do, my son really retains the information. So even though he is learning something new each week, it stays with him. I don’t find this overwhelming for my son either. He doesn’t mind doing one word of vocabulary a day. He doesn’t mind picking out the grammar in the sentences. He doesn’t mind typing the sentence on the computer. To me this says a lot as he use to grumble when we did any kind of writing. This to me says a lot. It’s a program that he actually likes, which is a bonus for me. I feel like I am relearning some of this stuff as well. In all honesty grammar wasn’t one of my best classes. I also love the fact that these books were spiral bound. It is so much easier to work with.

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