Homeschool Schedule For New School Year All Planned

I planned out our new homeschool schedule for the new school year with the kids. I had them pick out there interests and we then divided them up through out the week. My daughter started her first week of school last week and it went well. My son still is in his summer program so he is only doing Friday’s at the moment. This way they had classes that they were interested in. I also had my son pick out his curriculum to use during the year. The only thing he didn’t pick out was reading and that is ok. As I have picked that out.

Our schedule looks like this:

Both Kids:

History/Geography – Monday – Wednesday

Science – Tuesday – Thursday

Math – Monday – Friday

Language – Monday – Friday

Reading – Monday – Wednesday – Friday


My Sons Extra Classes Picked:

Monday – Intro Graphic Design

Tuesday – Guitar

Wednesday – Health

Thursday – Coding

Friday – Woodworking

Life Skills – Monday – Friday


My daughters extra classes:

Monday – Composer Studies

Tuesday – Health

Wednesday – Piano

Thursday – Coding

Friday – Art

Spanish – Monday – Friday

Bible Study – Monday – Thursday


The curriculum I am using with my son is as follows:

JacKris Publishing’s Soaring With Spelling and Vocabulary and Growing With Grammar – Language Arts

Moving Beyond The Page РLittle House In the Big Woods Р Reading

Math U See – Math

World War 2 – Unit Study – Amanda Bennet for History

Robots – Unit Study – Amanda Bennet for Science

Intro to Graphic Design –

Health – course is through DVR

Coding- Found on internet

Guitar – Using an iPad app found for learning guitar

Wood Working – My husband is working with him on different projects


The curriculum I am using with my daughter is as follows:

Geography – Road Trip Usa

Math – Math U See

Science – Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Spanish – Middlebury and Foreign Language By Kids for Kids

Heath РReview Curriculum  and Abeka Grade 3

Language – Spelling U See – JacKris Publishing Growing With Grammar – Patriotic Penmanship – Poetry Memorization

Composer Studies – Music Appreciation by Zeezok Publishing

Art – Random projects

Coding – Tynker

Bible Study – Veritas Press

Piano – iPad App


Some of this may be subject to change. I am looking into the Prairie Primer to use with both of the kids. I am also looking into a writing curriculum for both of them. However, I think I am going to use Write Shop with them as I really like their writing program. I think we have a nice variety of extras to learn and I like the set up for the core subjects. We shall see how this works out this year as we were doing some things everyday of the week and it seemed like it was too much. My son’s math program may change as I found one on that I really want to try. I think it would be more beneficial in his learning.




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