Our First Week of School

I can’t believe it is already that time of year for our full schedule. Our first week of school went pretty well. We are still getting use to our full days now. All in all it was nice to get back into routine. Tuesday I kicked off the morning with school pictures and I made the kids a special treat. It was a Gingerbread Man cookie (Chocolate Chip) with frosting, I had put 1st Day of School on it, as well as their grades this year. I can’t say that my son was really thrilled to start. My daughter was really excited.

We are continuing with Teaching Text Books for Math. The kids continued their lessons from the summer. I noticed that Math is really not my sons favorite class. He struggles and then it kind of gets us off to a bad start. I have to keep reminding him that he needs to ask for help when he is having trouble.

We started a new curriculum for Language Arts and Reading it was by the Good & Beautiful. I like that it combines grammar, spelling, and reading. It also has writing, geography, and art incorporated into. One of the lessons this week was to trace Canada and the United States and then to write about the Great Lakes. My daughter and I found some interesting facts about the Great Lakes that she wrote down in her note book. I thought she did a great job tracing! I like because there is a lot of reading. The kids both also have to read their own choice of book for 15 minutes a day.

My daughter is learning about the animals and habitat in Canada for science. Thursday we didn’t get to science class as we were watching the caterpillars most of the day. On Thursday they went into the J Hang and we were wondering when we would see the Chrysalis. We didn’t get to see it until Friday! My son was working on Marine Biology up until the review. We have decided to take a break from the Marine Biology but will resume it after we finish Star Wars Science, which is about robots. We probably will spend a month or month and a half on it. Depending on how long it takes us to go through.

We didn’t get through geography this week as time ran out for us on Wednesday as we had our friends coming over for a Nature Study. We went to see if the trout or Salmon had started coming in yet. The tanks were empty so that means no. So we walked 1.25 miles on the trail. That is where we found the monarch caterpillars. We brought three home. Two are no in a chrysalis. One is still eating on the milkweed we brought home. Once we got back home we ended up writing one thing we had seen in our journals. The kids drew in their journals. We checked off a list at the things we saw on our scavenger hunt. We filled out our insect sheet. After all that we made homemade personal pan pizzas.

My daughter started her first week of ballet and tap. I had asked her what she thought of it and she said she absolutely loved it. She said she likes both the same but I think she is leaning towards liking ballet more, as she said tap is tap. LOL

We worked on some Mine Craft Modding this week. We did have to stop and couldn’t test the mods as we were on a time schedule one of the days. My son did get credit for making his mod.

For art this week the kids just watched videos to do some drawing. I didn’t have any art projects planned as I wanted to keep it light and fun for them. Starting the new week was a little over whelming for my son.

Friday we had the day off as I had some tests I had to go for. The tests didn’t go the way I wanted them to. So I have more testing. Will have to take things day by day.

We didn’t have co-op this week as it was Labor Day.

Saturday my daughter and I went to the Botanical Gardens. They had some games and craft activities for the kids. There were craft books that you could buy things at. My daughter and I spent some time looking at the different flowers. She took pictures of things that interested her. She made a pressed flower book mark. We will be doing that again at home. We will collect things on our next nature walk and make them. She also did a lego stamped corn husk. She had to have faceprinting done. So she had a fairy on her face. Then we did the make and take Fairy Garden. That was really fun.

We also met our friends at the Botanical Gardens and we saw some other things we didn’t see while we were walking around. We stopped and had a snack. Then we did some pokemon hunting. We went back to the Children’s Area to let the kids play on the slide and maze. It was a very fun afternoon.

As you can see we did have a great week! I hope to have more pictures next week. Hope you all had a great week!

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