First Week of School Was A Success

First Day Of School

We started our first week of school September 1st. The kids only had a 4 day week but I thought it started out great. After 8 years of homeschooling I must have finally done something right as my son said for the very first time on the first day of school that he actually had fun doing his school work. The only differences is that I have the year structured differently and I actually let him pick a couple things to add to our days that he would be interested in doing. We also are doing nature studies and I think he really is into that.


For history the kids are studying both David Crockett and Ancient Egypt. We have been working through a book of the life of David Crockett. Which so far has been very interesting. I don’t want to say to much as it will be an upcoming review. For Ancient Egypt this week we talked about mummies and how the Egyptians were the first people to create actual writing. So one of our projects was making clay and writing it and pretending to be the first Egyptians to write in clay.

Nature Studies

For our nature studies this week we studied spiders and spider webs. Learned about the worlds most strongest spider web. Our job was to find spiders and spider webs. We also put a piece of grass on a spider web which stuck to it. My son was catching spiders to look at them and then letting them go. So no spider was harmed. The next day we spent just looking under rocks and seeing if we could see bugs and eggs and how the habitats looked under the rocks. We came across an ant hill and saw ants carrying something white. We noticed they were ant eggs. We have never seen that before. We also talked about the colors of the seasons. What each season looks like to us.

The kids are working steadily in their Math U See Book and also working on some extra worksheets for review. We also finished our literature book we have been working and it was The Tales of Despereaux. We will be watching the movie one night soon. They also have been working on language arts as well as writing.

Dakota has started up learning Spanish again. He is doing pretty good. I didn’t think it would stick with the break but it’s still there. Brittany is having fun learning Chinese. We have Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, and You’re Welcome down pat. We still have other greetings to master yet. They are almost mastered.

Michelangelo Style Painting

The kids studied Michelangelo this week. We learned about who he was. We also watched a video about his paintings in the Sistine Chapel. The kids project this week was to paint upside. I taped paper to the table and they painted on their backs.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Drawings

Another fun thing the kids did this was drawing The Diary of A Wimpy. I thought the kids did a pretty good job. The more colorful one is my daughters and the other is my sons.

Dakota also had the chance to do some career exploration this week. My neighbor is a semi driver and comes home on the weekend. My son spends a lot of time with him. He watched and learned how to put an air bag into a semi truck. Dakota has mentioned interest in possibly becoming a semi mechanic. I think it’s neat that my neighbor takes the time to spend with him like he does.

Friday was our first bible study with another family. It went really well and I look forward to doing it again next week.

Brittany also had a blast at homeschool gym. They played line tag and dodge ball and did some warm up exercises. She made some new friends there this time around too. A lot of kids participate in it.

Dakota also is learning photography. I think he had a blast taking pictures of different things. We had to narrow them down to three to keep. As we have to keep taking pictures of the same things. As we go we learn new things about the camera.

All in all I think we had a great week and I look forward to what we have planned this week. I hope this week is just as fun for the kids as last week was.


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