First Daisy Meeting – Girl Scouts

Tuesday night was my very first Daisy Girl Scout meeting. It was a blast! We started out in a circle and we held hands and counted to three walked into the circle and said Hello Daisies! The girls had big smiles on their faces. We then quickly talked about the fall product sale that the girls are selling. We explained to them it was to raise money for us to do things as a troop. When we brought up a movie, pizza party, and the Dells they got so excited. LOL

What I had them do was color their Daisy name tags with their name on it. Then we put on some string and made it into a really cool necklace. They also decorated there name tags for their Kaper Chart. Which is just a chart for special duties.

I had them say the Girl Scout Promise and show them to hold their three little fingers up while saying it. We then talked about our next meeting and the girls wanted to have a Halloween party. The first comment was can we have candy. LOL We are going to play games and have prizes and make a mask.

I also showed them their first badge they will be earning with is a blue dot that symbolizes that they know the Girl Scout Promise by heart. Then we had snack time and said Good Bye Daisies the same way we said Hello.

It was so much funny. The comments the laughter it really lifted my spirits. I can’t wait for Brittany to be that age. Now please don’t think I want to rush it. LOL

Tonight I am on my own and I am going to be heading the Service Area Leaders Meeting for the first time. I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I can do this! It’s just a informational meeting for the Leaders. These meetings can be really fun.

Hope you all have a great day.

18 Responses to “First Daisy Meeting – Girl Scouts”

  • 1
    Glitter Stop says:

    Wow this sounds fun! 🙂
    .-= Glitter Stop´s last blog ..A Walk to Terraces =-.

    admin Reply:

    We sure did have fun and I can’t wait for the Halloween Party.

  • 2
    Sherri says:

    aww….how fun! I am sure yor daughter will LOVE it! Mine is too small yet too for that….we will see! I am sure you will be able to teach those girls lots of valuable things this year 🙂
    .-= Sherri´s last blog ..A Thousand Words Thursday =-.

    admin Reply:

    I am sure she will LOVE it too. I have time to perfect things before she gets there. LOL The girls are going to have a blast.

  • 3
    Lynne says:

    Way to go on being a leader! I was a leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop and it was a lot of fun! Those Daisy girls are just so darn cute!
    .-= Lynne´s last blog ..Craft Tote – For All Your Craft Toting Needs! =-.

    admin Reply:

    Lynne the girls are so cute and they are so much fun. The laughter and the the things they say are just so innocent. It is really rewarding! Thanks for stopping by.

  • 4
    Karen says:

    Yea how neat!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

    admin Reply:

    It is Karen! I didn’t realize just how rewarding it would feel.

  • 5
    Thom says:

    I think you are a natural born leader. Sounds fun my friend 🙂
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..What Type Do You Fall For?, a Blogoversary and Pig Sounds =-.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Thom! I think our next meeting will be even more fun. I am going shopping today to get their Halloween trinkets and stuff to make their grab bag.

  • 6
    COUNTRY MOM says:

    Stacie, How old are the kids in the Daisy Girl Scouts? How did you get started doing this? Sorry if you posted, I forgot… Glad you had a great time. Sounds fun.
    .-= COUNTRY MOM´s last blog ..Wave Of Light… =-.

    admin Reply:

    Hi Audrey. The girls I have in my troop this year are just Kindergartens. Next year I will have both Kindergarten and First grade . We split the girls so Katie could have a year with Daisies and then she had planned to keep moving on with the girls. My friend Trudy got me involved in this. I am so glad she did.

  • 7
    Mommy Bear says:

    That sounds like so much fun!
    .-= Mommy Bear´s last blog ..A Look Back =-.

    admin Reply:

    It really was so much fun. Made me feel good that the girls liked what they did at the meeting.

  • 8
    yonca says:

    Hi Stacie! How was the meeting last night? Hope you had a lot of fun!!!
    .-= yonca´s last blog ..Happy Theta Mom Thursday! =-.

    admin Reply:

    Hi Yonca! The meeting was fun. A little nerve wrecking being as my first time. The Northern Door leaders never showed up only the ones from Southern Door. So there was a lot of unhappy people considering we drove up to Northern Door for the meeting. We did have lots of laughs.

  • 9

    Wow stacie! You are one busy lady!
    .-= Vicki@frugalmomknowsbest´s last blog ..Balloons, Dr.’s, bullies and witches (oh my) =-.

    admin Reply:

    LOL Vicki. Sometimes I just don’t know which way I am going.

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