Field Trip to Wild Life Sanctuary and Bay Beach – Quarter Rides WOOT!!

Yesterday I got together with another homeschooling family and we headed out for a fantastic day of fun! The weather was a little cool but it was not hot. I think I even got some sunburn or wind burn.

Our first stop was the Wild Life Sanctuary. They have really made some nice additions to it. They home animals that are injured. They even put up some play ground equipment for the kids to play on. Which I thought was pretty cool. Lots of geese and ducks and I noticed there was two swans. There was only one Canadian Goose nesting yet. Couldn’t really feed them as they were full from being fed by a mound of kids on field trips.

This was the beautiful water fall they made and you could see this as you walked across a bridge of this great big pond.


This was a Golden Eagle. She was bigger then the Bald Eagles we seen. She was jumping around her cage from perch to perch and spread her huge winds.


My favorite of course are the Snowy Owls!


After 2 hours at the Wild Life Sanctuary we headed on over to Bay Beach to eat some lunch. After lunch we took the kids on rides. The tickets cost a quarter a piece. Most rides are 1 – 2 tickets which isn’t really bad at all. Cheap fun! The Zippin Pippin is a wooden roller coaster and that cost 4 tickets to ride. None of us went on the roller coaster. My daughter wanted to but she is to small and you won’t catch me on a wooden roller coaster. LOL What’s nice about the rides is that some of them are antiques. The swing ride my daughter was on was from 1936.

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