Field Trip Friday – Homeschool Day at Children’s Museum

Field Trip Friday Children's Museum

This week I am linking up with Chestnut Grove Academy for Field Trip Friday. I look forward to see what field trips other homeschoolers have went on.


Last week we went to a Homeschool Day at the Children’s Museum. I honestly expected more out of a Homeschool Day. Going there was just like any other day. They have different areas that the kids can pretend play. Yes that is really neat and fun when you have a bunch of kids. It isn’t fun for the older kids who go along. Really there was nothing different about it. I would have thought maybe they would have had some fun activities. They had two activities. One was an art project and the other was the lego class we paid additional for. I know both kids did have fun. Brittany had a lot of fun because her BFF was there from skating.



The kids took a lego class that was a hour long. They charged us $2.00 a kid for it. The theme for the month of October was Star Wars. The kids were all separated from each other and on the table with the flying contraption they were suppose to work in pairs. I was kind of a little disgusted as every still seemed to NOT work in pairs and my son didn’t have a partner so he didn’t get to complete it. My daughter was suppose to have a partner but she decided she wanted to do it herself. I guess you could say I felt that the homeschool group who did attend wasn’t very friendly at all. At the table where the kids made the light saber, they were able to make recycled droids. They also got to play a game, tossing pompoms into Jabba the Hut’s mouth.



The kids got to make a stained glass art project. They talked a little bit about Dale Chinney, who is an artist who makes things out of stained glass. To do this project they had,plastic tops that the kids colored on with sharpie markers. Once they were done  they took them away to melt them. Once they brought them back the kids used a rubber stretchy string and put on some beads and attached it to the plastic. The projects turned out really nice. My daughter also found some time to color until her friend came.




I think the diner was the most happening spot in the museum. It actually had a neat little set up. There was neat as the kids could sit in it as if there were in a actual drive through. Inside on one side there was a working cash register, costumes, play food, counter with stools, sink, fryer, and a stove. Then there was a booth customers could sit at. Behind the customers was the pizza area. the kids could build a pizza and pretend to put it in the fire to cook. There was a juke box where kids could watch themselves dance and hula hoop.




This section was in the shape of a boat. The kids could play in water. They could fish with fishing poles or nets. They were suppose to be able to direct the water through the chambers. In the back of the boat there is a steering wheel and intercom. You can hear what the light house is saying. The kids could also go up into the light house.

There was also a tree house that the kids could go in and slide down a slide. I thought it was really neat but it was so busy and I couldn’t snap the pictures fast enough to catch it. There was a sports room too. We didn’t go into that one as the girls mainly stayed by the boat, the fire station, and the diner. There was also a play atm machine, where kids could swipe a card and get play money. There was also like a little grocery store that kids could put stuff in a basket and go check out. There was a vets office where you could put up a real xray, look under a microscope and pretend your a vet. There was also a building room which I thought was awesome. There was legos, duplos, lincoln logs, knex, and tinker toys. I couldn’t get my daughter in there to build. I would have loved to see what she could have came up with.

Fire Station


This was the fire station. Inside they had a little dispatch desk where they could receive incoming phone calls. There was a pole for the kids to slide down. They could dress up in fireman’s gear and go in a pretend fire truck.


Say Ahhhh


Not really sure how to explain this. The kids loved the slide and the tunnels.  They cracked up at the toilet at the bottom of the slide. There are holes in the walls. I think this was kind of a nightmare as kids were taking play food from the grocery store and putting it down the mouth and then when the girls tried to pick up so we could put it back, a little boy was stuffing the food back in the holes. We did get some food put away. I gave up trying to help clean up as kids kept putting it back in. It shouldn’t have been in there as I feel that kids could get hurt. That’s just me saying that.

Sand Area


This was the sand area. The sand was really white. There was different sifters that the kids could watch the sand sift through. The girls didn’t stay here to long as I think they got bored.

There was a lot of kids and it was noisy. There wasn’t much to do other then pretend play. Which I know my daughter had fun. When I think of homeschool day I think of lots of fun activities. Maybe I expected to much out of it. I just didn’t think the money was worth it. Especially when we could go any day and do the same thing.

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