Fascinating Education Biology Review

Fascinating Education Review

One of the favorite subjects in this house is Science. We love science from learning new things to the hands on science experiments. When the review came up for Fascinating Education I was very intrigued, as they assume that the student knows nothing about biology, chemistry, and physics. Of course I knew about biology because I took it in high school, but my son never studied biology. For our review we are reviewing Fascinating Biology. This is for kids in middle school through high school. It’s even great for an adult who may be interested in the course.


Fascinating education uses a “right hemispheric” approach in learning, meaning that it takes advantage of the brain’s ability to process images more efficiently and more effectively then reading text. The set up uses a audio-visual technique to teach science in a step-by-step manner using plain English and illustrations. It follows a story line. For Fascinating Biology it starts at the beginning of time which I found to be really interesting.


There lessons are built on scientific facts. They say it eliminates the complexity of science by focusing on essentials. However, I did feel that this course was very complex. I will explain why later in the review. When I say complex I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, as this course was very interesting. Each lesson has a video, it has a script that you can print out, or just reread. there is a test after every lesson. The nice thing is you can retake the test as many times as you need to.

In Fascinating Biology you learn the basic principles of biology. Including components of life: cell membranes, nutrients, creating chemical energy, growing and repairing, reproducing, maintaining a stable internal environment, and adapting to a changing external environment.

How We Used This:

I had my son use this about 3 – 4 days per week, as it depending on our schedule that week. I sat along with my son as he watched the videos. We did use the scripts as they were helpful at the times of the test when we needed to figure out the correct answer. We actually had to watch some of the videos more then once. I felt that this was way over my sons head. I felt a lot of the information was very complex. The reason I felt this way is that sometimes he cannot process the information he should as he has a cognitive disability.  It did take him several attempts at times to pass a test.

I do think that this is a wonderful curriculum. It is very interesting and fascinating. Even I thought it was a lot of information. There are many things to like about this program. You can watch the video as many times as you need until you understand. The scripts do come in handy when your not up to watching the video or when you want to try to find an answer to correct the test. The test is not long at all. I really like that you can take the test over and over. You can print out the answers. You can see what your answer was and what the correct answer is. I do like that this is very easy to use.

I also felt that the pictures in the video really did help explain what was being talked about. It gave clear examples and you got a picture of how things work. Where in books you don’t always see the process that clear.

I do feel that this would be better for High School Students or Middle School Students who have had a little taste of biology.

I did forget to mention that there are 19 lessons in the Fascinating Biology Course. You can purchase this for $79.00 for a year.

What I would like to do to make this better for my son is break down each lesson and go over it little by little instead of having it all lumped into one lesson. I think he would do a lot better. I believe this does have so much potential.


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