Famous Men of Rome Review

Famous Men Of Rome Review

One of mine and my sons favorite things are learning about history. We never really covered the rise and fall of Rome before. I was really excited to have the chance to review the Famous Men of Rome by Memoria Press. This is ideal for beginners who are being introduced to Roman History. The suggested age group for this is grades 4 – 8.


I received The Famous Men of Rome Student Guide, Famous Men of Rome Teachers Guide, and the Famous Men of Rome Stories for my review.

Famous Men of Rome is about the rise and fall of Rome. The men in these stories come to life as larger-than-life figures. There are 30 lessons in the workbook. Each lesson is broken down with Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities. After every 5 lessons you have a review of the lessons you just studied. You will also find maps of Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire. There is also a timeline you create, and drawing pages.

The Facts to Know is a recap of the characters that were in the story. There were also quotes by characters in the story. This actually came in handy when trying to remember the characters from the story.

The vocabulary had between 8 – 10 words for the student to define. The vocabulary word is used in a sentence so the student can get the right definition.

The comprehension questions were just questions as to what the story was about. There were not very many to answer.

The activities ranged from looking at maps, making time lines, answer questions in more detail, and research. There were a couple activities where the students have to draw.

The stories are not that long. They are short to read and can be done in one sitting.

How We Used This: 

My son and I did between 2 – 3 lessons a week depending on what the activities required. I spaced these out a little bit because my son has a hard time writing and some things take him longer to write and do then others, not because it wasn’t something a student can’t complete in one sitting. These lessons could be done in one sitting depending on what the activities are. Then I could see them taking a little bit longer.

We first read the story in the lesson and then we went right to the comprehension questions. I tried to have him do the questions as we went through the story as it is easier for him to remember. The next day we would recap with the Facts to Know and then we would work on the vocabulary. Sometimes depending on how long it took him to write the words we would go into the activities right away. If there was research to be done then we saved that for the next day. Some of them we didn’t write as we talked about it instead.

We really did enjoy the stories. In the second lesson my son learned a little bit more of the Gods (Mythology) that he didn’t know before we studied this. It was really brief when they introduced them but it was kind of fascinating as well as you learned what each one did. I know there are a ton of different Gods that the Romans believed in. I had no idea that Rome was started because of two brothers who both wanted rule. Sad ending for one of the brothers. At the start they wanted Rome to be the greatest city ever. It was for a really long time. Some of the rulers of Rome had really good intentions and others were just full of greed.

I really liked how the lessons were put together for the student. It really went nicely with the stories. I liked that there were maps from that time period to reference and look at. I also liked that there was a review every 5 lessons with what was previously read. That took us a couple days to get through as I split it up for my son. There are also tests you can use after the review. The review really preps the students for the test.


Memoria Press Review

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