Fall Crafts: Paper Plate Fall Wreath and Finger Paint Fall Tree

My son had a hard day today and couldn’t focus. Poor kid was in tears. So I let him relax and calm down. My son and daughter decided they wanted to do some crafts. So we made a paper plate fall wreath and I call it the Finger Paint Fall Tree.

Now I cam up with the Fall Paper Plate Wreath and I saw the Fall Hand Print Tree on Pinterest. Just want to give credit where it’s due 🙂

Paper Plate Fall Wreath


  • colored tissue (red, orange, yellow, brown)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paper plate


First cut out the center of the paper plate. You can toss the center. Keep the outer ring. Set aside. Tear pieces of colored tissue. We used red, orange, yellow, and brown. Then put glue on the paper plate and let your child put different colored pieces all around the plate. When your done you have a fall wreath.

When we were finished making the fall wreaths. My daughter put it in front of her face and said “Look Mom, I am a beautiful tree!”

Fall Hand Print Tree


  • Brown Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Yellow, Red, Orange Finger Paint
  • White Paper


First what I did was paint from past the wrist up through the palm of the hand brown. Once covered in brown paint flip the childs hand and wrist over onto the paper. That will be the tree and branches. Set aside till it is dry. Once dry then put out daubs of yellow, red, and orange finger paint on a plate. Let your child dip their finger in and paint finger print leaves all around the tree branches.  When your done you have a cute hand/finger print fall tree.


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