Faith Builders Bible Review – Lego Building Ideas for the Bible

Faith Builders Bible Review

Reading the Bible with my daughter has gotten way more interesting with the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz. I suppose you are thinking what makes it more interesting. Well if your child loves building with building bricks (aka LEGOs) they will love this Bible.

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The Faith Builders Bible contains 24 illustrated photos of brick building of scenes and objects in the Bible. Some of the pictures are really amazing. This is meant to engage kids into learning more about the Bible. This particular Bible is an NIrV copy, which stands for New International Reader’s Version.I used this with my daughter and my son. We started at the beginning in Genesis. We normally read the King James Version, however I really liked this version for the kids as it was in simpler terms and it seemed to be easier for the kids to understand.


When we first got this book we looked through all the illustrations of the brick building. We were amazed at them. My daughter immediately sat down and started to build a foundational building that she seen. I didn’t catch a picture of that because of the fact that she tore it down before she was finished as she got a little frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to make the top to the building. She said she will attempt making the building again.  The nice thing about each illustration was that their was a verse to match it. On the bottom of the page was a Building Block Verse that a child could memorize.


My daughter and my son both chose to make the cross first. My daughters exact words were, “The cross represents the Holy Bible”. The second thing that the kids made was from Genesis and they decided to build the Tree of Knowledge. It was meant to have green and red in it. The green was for the leaves and the red was for the fruit. I am currently ordering more bricks that I seen online to do the Last Supper. The next thing on my daughters list is to try making some of the animals that were on Noah’s Ark. As we read the stories we get different ideas of things to build on our own.


The building bricks we used were LEGOS but they have no affiliation to the Faith Builders Bible or any other Bible that I am aware of. This book is not a study bible nor does it have any notes. It simple is a regular Bible that you read.

My favorite pictures from the book were Building With a Strong Foundation and Solomon Builds God’s Temple. The other ideas in there were animals, fruits, Building the Tower of Babel and more. I don’t want to spoil it for you of what is in it as you will want to see it for yourself.

Lastly one of my favorites was in the beginning of the book where it builds the books of the bible and puts it in categories of Old Testament: Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets and Minor Prophets and New Testament: Gospels, Church History, Letters, and Prophecy. Each category had blocks references the books of the bible. I thought that was really neat as you then got to see where each book in the bible fell.

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Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

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