Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review – A very cute idea for memories

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

Field Trips are something we try to do at least once a week. It is a nice break for the kids and chance to do something together and have some fun while learning. Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal by Apologia Educational Ministries is a fun way to document the special moments of a field trip. Field trips can occur anywhere and can be something as simple as a nature walk, museum, historical sites, and much more.


We received a copy of the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal. My daughter is absolutely in love with this journal. Personally I think this is great to capture moments and create lasting memories.

There is a section in the book where it prepares you for a field.It looks at the week before, virtual fields trips, the night before, on the way, and at the field trip. Some of these are great reminders as well to make sure you are well planned. There are also suggestions for field trip ideas in the book and there are more ideas online at the website they give you with a password.

The first section to journal is called Places I’ve Explored in your state, USA, and around the world. You can give dates and destinations. We didn’t use that section just yet as I have a couple field trips planned for the summer that the kids and I will be taking with my Mom. We are going to a zoo we have never been to as well as exploring some waterfalls. We will be adding our destinations to these pages.


The second section is of specific trips. It lets you record the books you may have read before your trip, a map of the area, emergency contact plan, things you want to see and do, a photo or drawing, story of my day and something I never want to forget. We did use this with a specific field trip that we went on that sparked a lot of memories. It was a fund day at the Wild Life Sanctuary. The most amazing moment was the wolf that walked the fence line with the kids and the kids and the wolf would howl at each other back and forth. It’s the amazing magical moments in nature like this that can spark lasting memories. It’s one we have on video as well.

The third section is call My special spot in (season). We didn’t start this yet as I am hoping to discover some new places each season that are document worthy to my daughter. Fall is one of our favorite times of year where we travel to see the fall colors.


The fourth section and my daughters favorite section is Thoughts & Drawings As I see It. There are different themes on the pages to spark ideas. My daughter has drawn some special moments from the Wild Life Sanctuary. As you can tell we go there many times a year and one of her recent favorite times was watching the ducks/geese nesting and seeing the baby goslings. She had drew pictures of them. Today she said I saw a bumble bee at the park and she drew a picture of it.

Each section has directions on how to use the pages.


We used this for a couple of our field trips to the Wild Life Sanctuary as I said before it’s one of our favorite places to go year round. You never know what adventure your going to see. Of course some of it is the same things but you never know what the animals will be doing. My daughter did a few drawings as she loves to draw. I do have future uses for other sections and look forward to using them.

I think this is a great way to keep memories. It’s like a child’s own scrapbook with drawings and writing from their heart. It’s all done from their eyes. It’s nice to go back later in time and look back on things like this.

I can tell you that my daughter really enjoyed this. She loves the thought of drawing what she has seen in the book. I like the different theme ideas as they spark ideas for field trips as well. You can get really creative with this as well.

As for what age this is I would suggest K – 3, but I could see using this with higher grades as well.

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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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