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Astronomy Review

Do your children enjoy doing experiments and hands on activities when studying science? My daughter absolutely loves when I fit any type of experiment or art project into our science class. We really have been learning about astronomy with Exploring Creation With Astronomy, 2nd Edition by Apologia Educational Ministries. For this review I received a Student Textbook, Notebooking Journal, Jr. Notebooking Journal and an Audio CD.

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy is revised and the updates in the book are incredible. There are 14 different lessons your child will learn about astronomy. In case the title doesn’t give it away this is christian based curriculum. I actually loved the biblical wisdom that we have seen so far. There are blue ribbons through out the book that give you something to think about, as well as giving special attention to God, our creator. The textbook surely does have a fresh new look to it. Very colorful and organized looking, with lots of wonderful illustrations and info graphs.

Suggested Schedule

In both the Notebooking Journal and the Jr. Notebooking Journal there is a suggested daily schedule that is all laid out for you. I love the fact that the schedule is color coded because then you know what you are using. For example the things in blue can be found in the Notebooks, the things in green are the topics we will be reading in the text book, the black is for the Apologia Science Kit. We did not receive this for this review but you can purchase this so you can do extra activities along with the activities that are already in the book. If you do two lessons a week it will take you a year to complete the whole book. You can choose to go at your own pace. You can do more if you choose.

The notebooks are similar but yet different. The Notebooking Journal can be used for grades 3 – 6. The Junior Notebooking Journal can be used for grades K – 3. The Junior Notebook has coloring pages and The Notebooking Journal has a What Do You Remember and What was your favorite part to the lesson. Otherwise it looks to me that both are very similar in what they are doing with activities and other things they have in the notebooks, such as minibooks.

The audio cd is read by the author. It’s nice when I need a break from reading or Brittany just wants to listen to someone other then my voice. It’s also nice to be able to take this with us and just listen to it in the car. Even though we have read parts of the book already.


We started out using this 4 times a week before we actually got into our schedule. After we got into our schedule we started using this twice a week. I plan to make this last all year as I have things I have been adding to it when I didn’t have the stuff to complete the Activity Kit that you can purchase separately. Some I can figure out how to do and others I have to come up with a totally different idea. It has been really fun.

Match Books

We completed one of the suggested lessons each day we used this. I love that it is color coded because then I know what we are using and when and what I need to look for where. I also know where I need to look for activities to supplement. For example one of the suggested days was to give a speech about what you learned about the sun. So my daughter gave her speech and I added in us making edible outer layer of the sun cookies. In the lab kit they were going to make a sun dial so we made our own out of paper plates. It gives me a chance to be creative. You also know when your coming up to an activity in the book too. That also gave me time to prepare. One of the activities was to have on person be the sun and one be the earth and you had to circle each other. Then you add in the moon. Then you have to turn in a circle and move in a circle around the sun. That was kinda funny for us. I don’t think we laughed so hard but yet it was such an awesome visual.

Copy Work

We used the Junior Notebooking Journal as I figured it would be better suited for Brittany. She probably could have used the Notebooking Journal. I know she still likes coloring so I thought she would enjoy the Junior better. She had fun with the cross word puzzles, the mini books, and she grumbled a little at the copy work but we got through it. She is absolutely having fun learning. We have done Lesson 1 What is Astronomy? and Lesson 2: The Sun. She really enjoyed learning about the sun. I think she was blown away at just how hot it was. We did incorporate some videos into the lessons. She saw the solar flares and though they were just the coolest. I think her favorite part was the eclipse. She mentions how she really wants to see an eclipse. I told her I think there is one next year.

The layout of the suggested lessons is perfect. It’s not overwhelming at all. I know my daughter was totally engaged in learning. I absolutely am in love with the whole new look!

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

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