Exclusive Creative Writing Activity from Education.Com Grade 4

Do you like to use worksheets as fill ins to your curriculum? Maybe you like to use them for review. Education.com has a wide variety of worksheets for grades Pre-K through Gr 5. This site has been a great asset in our homeschooling. I have actually bought a lifetime membership as I use it that often. I use the different worksheets and workbooks for when I need to introduce new things, things we are working on, and things that need to be reviewed.

In case your not familiar with the Education.com they have over 30,000 worksheets. There are many different subjects to. You can also find engaging songs, games, worksheets, interactive exercises, and hands on activities. The site is so very easy to use. I recommend checking it out.

Education.com has created an activity that is exclusive to Super Mommy to the Rescue. It is a writing activity for Grade 4. Isn’t the picture adorable!!


Comic Quotations

Do your children love drawing and doodling as much as mine do? You can capitalize on your children’s interest and engagement with art to help them practice and develop their writing skills!

This activity combines drawing cartoons and creating speech bubbles to teach children how to use quotation marks. It’s great for fourth graders, but what’s even better is that you can take this activity up or down a notch according to your children’s writing levels! From the process of the punctuation practice outlined below, don’t be afraid to also work on writing story development – whether that means talking through a conceptual “before” and “after” to one cartoon frame, or writing and drawing out a long sequence of comic frames. Let’s start drawing and writing!

What you need:

  • 9” x 12” whiteboard and whiteboard marker (or pencil and white copy paper)
  • Whiteboard eraser (or pencil eraser)

What you do:

1. Ask your child to draw a cartoon of an everyday event, such as a birthday party. Encourage your child to draw his cartoon in three separate pictures, like comics in the newspaper.

2. After discussing each picture, draw a speech bubble above each character’s head. Ask your child what each character is saying and write it in the speech bubbles.

3. Next, the parent erases most of the speech bubble above the first character, leaving only a slight curve, like a single quotation mark by the words. Have the child add the second quotation mark and discuss how the marks indicate someone is speaking. Has your child noticed quotation marks before? Does anything change about where the quotation marks are written for different types of sentences (statements, exclamations, questions)?

4. The parent erases most of the next speech bubble, and the child repeats the process of adding the missing mark. Discuss any questions your child may have with these two forms of speech indication.

Draw a new cartoon and new speech bubbles, and repeat the activity. Increase or decrease the difficulty level of the activity by drawing only one picture, or up to six, like in the Sunday comics section of the newspaper.



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