English Grammar Teaching Method Review

I absolutely love when my kids can learn with a hands on style. I also love when we can include manipulatives as well as it gives a very good visual in learning. I was really excited to review the English Grammar Teaching Method by English on a Roll. For this review I received one instructors manual and one cube set that I can use with up to six students. You can use this program with ages 5 through adult.

The English Grammar Teaching Method is a cube-based learning multi sensory program. It teaches each student to master English grammar and syntax, including all verb forms. There are 40 color coded cubes in this set. Inside the instructors manual you will see what each color cube means. For example: You have a lighter blue that is for Pronouns, green for question, and so on. The cube guide does come in handy as it explains the group, color, words on cube, and their function.

Again there are 40 cubes that are color coded. There are 38 cubes that are engraved with words and 2 blank ones that you can customize. Inside the box are some tabs that you can stick on the cubes. Your probably wondering why are they color coded well that color coding gives you a visualization to associate the parts of a grammar.

The instructor manual is 150 pages. There are 37 lessons in this book. Each lesson is prepped for you, so all you have to do is turn to the lesson and everything you need is write there. There are notes and vocabulary, which contains teaching tips and new vocabulary. Next you teach the concepts, it explains in detail how to teach the lesson using the cubs and has a reproducible hand out for that lesson. So really all you need to do is copy the reproducible for your students. Now the fun starts… you have the games/conversation section where  you practice the new concepts. You also have Written exercises for more practice.


I used this with my daughter and we spent time on a lesson a day. Each day we would review the previous lesson as well. The lessons really didn’t take us long. It depended on how quickly my daughter cooperated and what she remembered. This was great to use with her as it was great review for her.

I will give you an example with the first lesson. The first lesson was about pronouns. It also talked about singular and plural. So when it was singular she had to hold a one up. When it was plural she had to hold a two up. She knew the colors of the cubes. I had to explain to her that blue was pronouns. Then  I had her read each word on the cube. Then I had her say I….Pronoun….etc….So that way she would remember that those words are pronouns by saying and repeating what it was. In this particular lesson it has you point to the appropriate direction. Since we were only using this with her and I, I didn’t feel that there was enough people to make that part work.

What I did to make this more of a conversation for us is as we rolled the dice she had to figure out plural or singular. Once she had that down pat I had her to continue to roll the dice and we made sentences using the pronouns. Once we were finished I had her to the reproducible that went with each lesson.

My daughter really seemed to enjoy the hands on way of learning with the cubes. For us it was a nice break and review for my daughter. I didn’t want to overwhelm her by doing more then one lesson a day. I really think as we worked through this she had a better understanding of being able to know what she is learning and how to identify. To me each lesson kind of built off each other. I love the idea of the color coding as it gives you a visual and a color to associate to that part of grammar.

The instructor book was set up nicely. I loved that everything was laid out for me. I knew what and how I was teaching. There were times were I added in to what we were doing to make more conversation and use with the dice. I think my daughter really had fun when we did that. It also sparked more conversation between us as well. I found the lessons to not be overwhelming to someone who is learning. Again some of this was review for my daughter and some was not. Each lesson is structured the same. You just are working on something different each lesson.

I liked that we could move the cubes around to put them in sentences. If you look at the picture above you see He Is… we did have to turn the cube so that we could find the correct verb to use. Then we put it in order and we made up our own sentences. So she  would make a sentence out of that. As you go further through the lessons you can manipulate the cubes to make sentences. I also found to be fun and interesting. Again it sparked more learning for us to think of how we could turn what we had into a sentence and use it correctly.


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