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My kids love science. We absolutely love doing experiments around here. Well what would you say if you could watch some science experiments with out having a mess to clean up? I find that just as exciting. Library and Educational Services has some Go Science DVDs that are absolutely amazing.

One of things that really stands out with these episodes are “Every time we learn something about science, we learn something about our Creator God!” It’s just something that kind of stuck after each science experiment. Each science demonstration whether it was chemical or physical had a spiritual application.

There are 7 DVDs with over 80 science demonstration, each on features Ben Roy. For this review we received two DVDs of our choice. I picked out one I thought was interesting and my son picked out the other. Each episode is packed with high energy from both Ben Roy and the kids who are on the show, as well as helping. I can honestly say that Ben Roy captivated and mesmerized my kids with the science experiments he did.

Each show had kids sitting in the audience. Everything was already prepared and laid out of what they were going to do. I like how he didn’t go on and on about things but yet was short and sweet about what he wanted to the children to learn from the experiment. I also like that the kids got a chance to participate in the experiments as well as answer questions, and some even talked about themselves.

I found this to be very kid friendly. These DVDs are great for kids ages 6 – 10.

The kids and I watched these DVD’s in two days. I was originally going to break it up into 4 days but the kids were so fascinated and wanted to keep watching. Each DVD is one hour and three minutes in length. The demonstrations are roughly about 10 minutes each maybe a little less. See what I mean about not being packed with so much information.


Life Science, Weather Go Science DVD Volume 2 ($8.97):

Life Science:

  • Flash-Light Animal Eyes
  • Animal Skulls
  • Bobby Pins
  • What Are You Looking At?
  • How Much Do Your Lungs Hold?
  • Eating Nails For Breakfast
  • Naked Eggs


  • Fire Tornado
  • Ping Pong Cannon
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cloud
  • Cloud In a Bottle
  • Garbage Can Vortex

I think this DVD was the kids favorite. In the Animal Skulls demonstration he would hold up a skull and ask the kids what they thought it was. He had a bobcat, bear, and a beaver skull. Which I don’t think we guessed right when he was asking what we thought the skulls were. The kids were very into what animal it was and Ben would talk about how we thought the animal would see by the shape of the skull. It was actually really fascinating. We want to try the Naked Eggs for ourselves as it wasn’t really a hard experiment to do and I think the kids would really enjoy it. You have the egg in vinegar for about 7 days. He showed what the egg was doing when they first put it in the vinegar. He then showed what it looked like a couple days into it. After the 7 day you could see through the egg as it was a clear membrane. The yolk kept it’s softness inside the membrane but you could crack the membrane and everything came out. We have done a similar experiment to Eating Nails For Breakfast. He had put water mixed with cereal into plastic bags and the kids mushed it up. They took magnets to the bag and you could see iron pulling towards the magnet. Iron is something your body needs and it is in your cereals surprisingly.

The Fire Tornado the kids were fascinated with. I forgot how it was set up but there was a guard around and when you turned it a certain degree air would get in the container and create a fire tornado. It was actually really neat. The Liquid Nitrogen Cloud was amazing as they poured liquid nitrogen into a big container and put I don’t remember if it was hot or cold water but it made a HUGE cloud. All the kids were running to put their hands in. Not in the liquid nitrogen but in the cloud itself. The Garbage Can Vortex was neat as they put fog into the garbage can and had circles cut out and it showed what vortexes look like, then they had a garbage can with a square and a circle came out. Circles are the strongest shapes in nature. I never really thought about it that way.


States of Matter, Water Go Science DVD Volume 5 ($8.97)

States of Matter:

  • Ice Cream
  • Oobleck
  • Denisty Column
  • Ice Block Melt
  • Run Through Corn Starch and Water
  • Pitcher of Cold Water Put In Hot Water
  • Put Ice In Water Float or Sink
  • Making Butter

We have actually tried the Ice Cream. Ours was an epic fail as our bags were leaking as the kids shook theirs to hard. The kids on the show just gently turned the bags. They were learning that salt makes the water colder, in which helped make the ice cream. Brittany was really interested in the kids running through the corn starch and water. When the kids ran quickly across it there was less pressure and their foot didn’t sink. When one boy put his foot in it, his foot sank into the corn starch and water. It looked icky and gooey. My daughter got a big kick out of that.

I have to say I was very impressed with these DVDs. I like that kids also got into them as well. It kept them wanting to see more. There was always something new to learn whether we had previously done these experiments or not. There is a couple that we want to try hands on yet. I also think this was good motivation for the kids in wanting to learn more as well. The best part was that there wasn’t a mess for me to clean up. Bonus!

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4 Responses to “Elementary Science Demonstrations – Go Science DVD Review #TosCrew”

  • 1
    LauraOinAK says:

    I haven’t had luck with the ice cream in a bag, or at least I should say it never comes close to being what I consider ice cream.

    I do love these DVDs and the ability to get kids excited about learning science.
    LauraOinAK´s last blog post ..Striving to Keep Kids Safe While Online #CyberTribe #CyberSafe

    admin Reply:

    We tried the ice cream with juice (sorbet) and well I think the kids were to rough as my bag kept leaking the water. It didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. Except for really cold. So I may have them try turning the bags like in the video. There are a lot of these that you could do right at home easily. My kids were so into these DVDs.

  • 2
    Mary Lou says:

    Looks like you really enjoyed these science dvds! They look like a ton of educational fun.

    admin Reply:

    These DVDs were a lot of fun.

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