Elementary French 1 Grades 3 – 5 Review (Middlebury Interactive Languages)


Are you looking for an interactive and fun way to teach your child a foreign language? Middlebury Interactive Languages has courses for Spanish, French, German and Chinese. My daughter has been loving to have the chance to explore different languages. We have explored Chinese, Spanish, and now French. For this review we are studying Elementary French 1 Grades 3 – 5.

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Middlebury Interactive Languages is a really great way for your child to learn a foreign language. It is very interactive in the learning style. The content is focused on a style of either an authentic story, myth, or legend from various French speaking cultures. Each unit has some sort of story that your child hears in that language. You can print out the story so you can see it in both French and English. I normally read the story to my daughter after we watch the video and we do the video again to watch for the words that she was learning in the lesson. Then there is an interactive way to the story after you hear it the first time. Each unit has a song to sing as well in French. My daughter loves learning the song.

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The courses focus on vocabulary acquisition, and basic grammar principles. Your child will learn this through the stories, songs, activities, and assessments. It is really neat as they learn different phrases to speak in french also. My daughter learned how to say her phone number in french. I thought that was awesome. That was on of the things that was worked on in one of the units. They get to see how things are spelled so they get a visual. Your child also listens to the words says it and records what they are saying. They can play it back to hear how they sound.

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Another thing that I think is really neat is in the units they learn a little bit about the French Culture. These are just a short little video and quiz about what they heard. It’s very fascinating too, I must say.

How We Used This: 

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I used this with my daughter 4 days a week. We did one lesson a day. The lessons could take us anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how much time we spent practicing. One thing I forgot to mention above is that each week we print out the words to the unit. That way she has a visual to them. I also have her write them daily in her notebook so she gets used to writing the word, saying the word, and remembering what it means. In each unit there is a printable coloring worksheet that she has had to color. You also print out the songs and the stories as well. That way you can see what they mean in English.

We are not strangers to Middlebury. The first foreign language that my daughter learned was Chinese and the second Spanish. I swear she wants to be bilingual someday but I love the fact that she wants to learn. So I don’t discourage. I think so far her favorite has been Spanish. They all have a very similar set up just different languages.

I find this program to be very interactive and user friendly. I found my daughter to be engaged with each lesson. I think one thing she really liked the most was the songs and the fact that later in the unit you can record your voice saying the words or phrases. She likes to hear what she sounds like.

I highly recommend checking out Middlebury Interactive Languages if your child is looking to learn a foreign language. It has been amazing watching my daughter blossom on what she is learning. Just watching her really try to master things has been amazing as well. It truly is both fun and engaging.

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

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