Electrified…..Old Neon Lights Exhibit at Neville Museum

Last weekend the Neville Musuem was having an event called Electrified. It was put on by the Neville Museum and the Brown County Library. They had some hands on activities for the kids as well as someone there to talk about how neon signs were made. It started getting really crowded so we never did get the chance to see how the neon signs were made. I did recognize some of them.

As you walk in you see this hanging about the Neon Sign Exhibit. I don’t recall where this one is from. I thought it was pretty neat. The one thing I did notice about these exhibits was that these neon signs were all in the area at one time or another.

I think this was by far my daughters favorite. This was the first picture that she asked for. This was an old neon sign for Mobile Gas Stations I believe. The portion that you see that is not light flashes…I didn’t catch it when it was fully light.

I am not really sure where these neon signs came from. If you know me at all…. you know that I am picture happy….I thought these were neat looking so I snapped a picture.

Now this one should look a little familiar….this was the Holiday Inn Express sign from the 60’s and it was in Green Bay.

I am not sure exactly the history of this sign. All I remember is that this was for a bakery. I do not remember the name or where it was. I do know that I love windmills and this was one of my favorites.

Who doesn’t like ice cream? This sign reminded me of Leon’s Ice Cream in Milwaukee. I don’t know where this one originally was but for me it brought back memories. I think I am not sure they still had the old fashion sign outside the stand if I remember right….I don’t think it was all neon like this.

Not really sure what this one represented either. I thought for the chicken/rooster lovers you might like to see it……Thought it was an interesting sign.

This was a restaurant that was around in the 60’s. It is no longer around anymore. It was located in Menasha. I think they also had some in Indianna also. I did ask my in laws if they remember this restaurant as they lived in the area. My father in law did remember this. The dog in this picture almost reminds me of Goofy.

All I can say about this one is that it is from a jeweler. I have no idea where. I thought I remember seeing a sign very similar at one of the jewelers in Appleton. I could be wrong…I know that the sign I did see was not neon.

At the very end of the exhibit they had this glass ball, and as you touched it, you could see the lines. The kids did get a kick out of this.

This was my daughters favorite activity. We were in a room that had a black light and she had the chance to color on special paper with markers and crayons. The paper looked purple in the light but once you step out of the black light it is white. They had other activities….lights and dancing, making paper airplanes, coloring with markers, does it glow experiment, and making a fire fly. It was a little to crowded and I was a little disappointed they didn’t have more activities for the older ones. It was mainly geared to the smaller ones.

What neon signs do you recognize?

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