Edible Snowman Craft

I wanted to share this idea with you as the kids had a blast making this and eating this. Saturday we had our Girl Scout Holiday Event where the girls had different stations they stopped at to make different crafts. One of my favorites was the Edible Snowman! I can’t take credit for this idea as my Co Leader put the whole event together. My Co Leader is also a Cadette Leader as well as the School Coordinator. Each School Coordinator is putting on an event this year for the Service Area.

What you do is you take a cookie and you spread some frosting on the top of the cookie. Then you take your marshmallow and set it on top and kind squish it into the frosting. Then you take the licorice and wrap it around like a scarf. Make sure it’s toward the bottom of the Marshmallow. Then you take your mini m&m’s and push them into the marshmallow for eyes and a mouth.Take some more frosting to stick the mini reese peanut butter cup on top. A little more frosting to hold the gummy life saver that goes on top. There you go. Very simple and fun. The kids devoured them after they made them. Some were lucky to be taken home.

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