Edible Outer Layers of the Sun Project – #STEM

Edible Sun

We are currently working on the sun, and I decided to incorporate a STEM project into my daughters learning. The project we did was making edible outer layers of the sun. She currently is learning about how hot the sun is, the gravity, how big the sun is, and so forth. In future lessons we go further into learning about the sun. We watched a few videos on YouTube to learn more before we did our project.

The videos we watched were:

Surface of the sun as you’ve never seen it

The Top 10 Amazing Facts About the Sun

Outer Space: “I’m So Hot,” The Sun Song by StoryBots

The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10

As always before clicking links I would recommend parents check out the links before showing it to their children. As when I watched them they were ok.

Edible Outer Layer of Sun #STEM

Now onto making the Outer Layers of the Sun. Let me explain what each layer represents. The cookie of course is the sun. The frosting is what makes the rest stick….it doesn’t represent anything. The red and yellow sprinkles are what you will form to the granular appearances of the photosphere. The chocolate chips are the sun spots on the sun. The licorice are the prominences AKA what I call the solar flares.



  • sugar cookies
  • white frosting
  • Twirlers Pull N Peel Licorice
  • mini chocolate chips
  • red and yellow sugar
  • knife
  • plates


First bake the sugar cookies according to the package directions and let them completely cool.


Then you spread the frosting on top of the cookie.

Next you add the red and yellow sugar.

Sprinkle a couple chocolate chips.

Bend and put on your licorice.

There you have it! You made the outer layer of the sun.

Now enjoy eating your tasty treat!!



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