Earthday Lapbook – Resources and Crafts

A couple days ago Dakota had mentioned that he would like to start doing lapbooks again. So today we started lapbooks. As long as he is reading, writing, spelling, and learning I don’t have a problem with him doing them often. I am going to get brave and try to make my own lapbooks. That will come in time.

Today’s lapbook was Earth Day. The Earth Day Lapbook With Study Guide. was made by A Journey Through Learning. I think I paid $13.00. It was well worth it too. I really like A Journey Through Learning. They have many different varietys of lapbooks. There is a few science ones I plan on buying. Until I have all the science ones. I plan on buying one a week. Who knows I might come up with more ideas and add to them. Haven’t decided yet. We didn’t need anything but the study guide and printables that were in this lapbook. I will post our pictures below. I make my lapbooks a little different. I put them in a book format not like their picture shows.

I don’t remember who had this idea on their blog  but it was such an awesome idea. I don’t remember if they used paint or markers. We used markers. What I had Dakota do was color green some areas of land and color the rest blue for water on a coffee filter. Then I sprayed water on it. Now when I took a picture of this it was wet. But it will give you the just of it. It blends the colors together. If you did this on your blog let me know so I can link up your post 🙂

Lapbook Lessons has a compilation of links for making an Earth Day Lapbook. These resources are free. I thought I would share them with all of you. The links contain lapbook files, unit studies, Earth Day Clip Art, Printables, Crafts, Activities, Online Activities, and websites.

Recycling File Folder Game – This is free. This teaches children to sort by properties. It’s perfect for Earth Day.

An idea a friend had given me was making an Earth Day Canvas Bag. You take a white canvas bag and with fabric paint or other materieals. You could decorate it how you wanted to. Example putting the world on there and Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Then after you have made your bag you could walk around your city and pick up litter. I thought it was a wonderful idea. Had I known about it sooner I would have done this with the kids.

Today only Builda the Re-Bicycler is free. This is a cute story about a town who let there trash get really high full of bicycles. One of the gals in the story realizes something had to be done because making a new hole would only collect more and more bicycles. The town would throw away bikes if they were broken or if they didn’t want them and buy new. Well the gal in the story decides to conserve and reuse the parts instead of making brand new ones. Well once this trend started the town started recycling bottles, papers, and glass. This is perfect just in time for Earth Day. The graphics in the story were well done too. My son loved the story. This app is compatible with ipad.



2 Responses to “Earthday Lapbook – Resources and Crafts”

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    My older daughter has just taken a new interest in lap book. I’ll have to check them out.
    He did a great job! 😉
    Serendipity is Sweet´s last blog post ..Shoot. Edit. Submit.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks 🙂 A Journey Through Learning has a lot of really awesome lapbooks. I plan to purchase one each week to build our collection 🙂

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