The Drinking Gourd E-Guide Review

The Drinking Gourd E-Guide Review

We absolutely love Progeny Press. I love to use the E-Guides with my daughter as we are reading different books. Our choice this time was The Drinking Gourd E-Guide. I used this with my daughter for both history/reading. This particular E-Guide is for grades K – 3.

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The Drinking Gourd is about the Under Ground Railroad. The escaped slaves were to follow The Drinking Gourd that points up to the North Star. They were to follow the North Star to Canada so they could be Free. Tommy was a young boy who stirred up some trouble in church and was sent home by his Father Deacon Fuller. Once he got home he went into the barn to play. He ended up finding Big Jeff, Little Jeff, Vinnie, and Baby Pearl hidden in the hay. He was told to keep quiet. He went with his father in the hay wagon to take them to the river. His father took Big Jeff and his family up the river. The Sheriff came and was going to search the wagon. Tommy said no need to search the wagon as he was the one running away. They knew he was the Deacons son so they giggled and laughed and went away. It was a close call. After they got him his father talked to him how it is important to follow the law. Helping slaves escape during this time could get you in a lot of trouble. His father didn’t believe in having people as property and that is why he did what he did.

The book itself was very easy to understand and to read. The chapters are really short. We actually read this book in one day.

Now the Drinking Gourd E-Guide we spent about a week on. I actually love how this is set up, and I love the fact that it references bible verses as well. It stars out with a Synopsis of what the story is about and then it goes into the background information about slavery. It also talks about the author.

You have Before You Read Activities. It lists other books that you can read about the Underground Railroad, which we are still reading some of those books on the list. It also suggests listening to some folk and spiritual songs from the 1800s. It also suggests looking in the night sky for the big dipper so you can locate the North Star. The Drinking Gourd was known as the Big Dipper. My daughter absolutely loved this part as she loves to look at the stars. There was a map print out where you divided the free states from the slave states. We had to find where the Mississippi River was on the map and trace it. It also had you do a little research on Henry Clay, Danial Webster, The Compromise of 1850.

The next section was vocabulary. I had my daughter write out the underlined words and write their definitions. We went back to the vocabulary page and then read the sentences to then she could pick out the right definition. It was multiple choice.

Then you have Looking Into The Story. That is where you will find the comprehension questions to the chapters. Again the chapters are very short so it’s not a lot of reading at all. You will find comprehension questions, bible verses that reflect on some of the events, and even vocabulary where you have to define a couple words. You might even find questions that make you go back and look at the pictures to describe what someone is feeling or what is going on.

At the end you have a hidden message that you need to figure out by unscrambling words. I thought that was really interesting. Then there are some activities that you can do after you read the story.

The E-Guides are not only just about comprehension they extend into the fact of learning more about what you are reading. I love the fact that you had suggested reading to read more about the Under Ground Railroad. The before and after activities extend the learning as well. It gives you some hands on work with the story. We really enjoy these E-Guides.

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Review}

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