Dr Panda’s Cafe – App Review

Do your children love to cook and bake? My daughter absolutely loves to be in the kitchen with me learning how to cook and clean. Now she can be in her own little kitchen in Dr Panda’s new app called Dr Panda’s Cafe. Your child will get a hands on look at working in restaurant by seating, taking orders, cooking, serving, and cleaning up for some really cute and adorable animals. The suggested age for this is 5 and under, however my daughter is 8 and absolutely loves this app.




This app is super cute and really teaches a lot in one app. There are 8 different animals that your child can serve. They also get to the learn the basics about cooking with 10 different recipes. One thing I like is the fact that it encourages cleaning up. After your customers are done eating they pay you just like any other customer and you are left with their mess to clean up.


The cute little animals come in and wait in line waiting to be seated. You will notice they have the table and seat in a bible. You will also see a bouncing number on the table as to where they will be seated. You click on the bubble and then they will be seated.



When you see the clip board over the little animal you click on the bubble to take the order.


You see the little picture in a bubble. That is what that cute little animal wants to order. So in your clip board you use the arrow to find the picture.  You click on the picture in your clipboard and you have just taken your order. You will do that for everyone at the table.


Once you take the order you will go to the counter where the cook is. You will see numbers there. Those numbers are the orders. Click on a number and then you slide the screen to what order you need to cook. As you complete your orders you will have check marks. It’s very important to pay attention to the pictures as sometimes you might add a cookie or something on the drink plates.


Once your done cooking you will see a tray of food in a bubble by the animals. You will click on that bubble to serve the food. Don’t remember which animal ordered what. No worries the animals will let you know if they ordered it or not. Give them time to eat. When they are ready to leave you will see a happy face in the bubbles. You click on the and you will earn coins and stars. After they pay they will leave. Then you see a little mess on the table.

In order to have new customers sit down you need to clean off the table by sliding the dishes into the bin. Then a sponge appears and you wipe off the table until it’s shiny. Then you repeat the process all over again.

My Thoughts:

This really is a cute little game for any little want to be chef. I love how they are learning basic kitchen skills as well as what I consider a bonus of learning different ways of cleaning up. As always the characters are always adorable! The graphics are crisp and colorful. I love the fact that there is no reading involved, that a child can just jump onto the app and just start playing. Sure as with any new app it takes a few to learn. However, I think the word bubbles capture that well with the pictures. You don’t have to worry about any third party apps or in app purchases.

My Daughter’s Video:

My daughter has given you a sneak peek into how to play this app and her thoughts.

Disclaimer: I did receive a code to download Dr Panda’s Restaurant for my review. I was not paid for this review. The opinions are 100% mine. 

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