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Do you have a high schooler who is interested in flight? Maybe you yourself are interested? We have really been enjoying learning about many different aspects of flight from Doctor Aviation. We are incorporating this into our homeschool for Aviation Education, which is for a 1/2 credit for 6 months. I can extend to make it worth a credit by doing some extra work and will explain that later. I did receive 6 months access for this review. This is geared for High School on up.

Doctor Aviation is really an amazing and very interesting learning resource. There are 15 classes and each have a video.  The video is about 45 – 60 minutes long. It is broken up into three parts. Technical Trivia, Notable Innovators, Legendary Aircraft/Aviation Events. There is also a downloadable pdf for each class for guided notes. As your watching your listening for the word or words you may need to fill in the blanks. There is also a section to learn more. That has suggested book ideas, videos, websites, extra hands on activities, for further study.

The Technical Trivia is about different aspects of the airplane. So far we have looked at important parts of the plane. An example I can provide is How does an airplane fly? What are the major components to the airplane? As you go on further you learn a little about maintenance, air traffic control, and airfield operations.

Notable Innovators has been really fascinating. My favorite so far have been about The Wright Brothers, Chuck Yeager, and Amelia Earhart. You get a great glimpse of who they are and what they did. Sure I have heard of the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart before…but I learned so much more that I didn’t know before.

The Legendary Aircraft is pretty self explanatory. You learn what these aircrafts did during there time and what made them so special. You even get to see what they look like. Which I must say have been stunning!!

Aviation Events are just that. A couple of the things that stand out are the P-51 Mustangs and who used them to fight in World War 2. Amelia Earhart’s different first records and her trip around the world, and the Wright Brothers where they flew there first plane and the records. This is also really fascinating as well.

How We Used This: 

My son is using this for a credit in his high school classes. I also am taking this class right along side of him. Until this course I never really really knew much about airplanes or even the history of flight. I can tell you that I am totally fascinated now by all the history. This review actually has come at the perfect time as the EAA in Oshkosh starts next week. I was tickled pink to hear the EAA mentioned in one of the videos during Chuck Yeager. I feel that when I attend teachers day at the EAA I will have more knowledge and understanding going in to the conference I will attend.

My son and I watched one session per week. We picked a day and we worked on the whole video. With it being summer and our schedule being busy I realize that when I sit and do the whole video with him, it is too much at one time. I should have broken it down into three different days during the week. We did use the guided notes with the video. I would pause and ask him what was said and what he had learned. I would then write his answers on the study guide. We didn’t use the extra resources at this point. I do look through each and everyone of them. My plan is to get through all the videos first and the go back and take the time to extend our learning further by using what was suggested and doing some of the activities that were listed as well. I feel doing it this way gives us a chance to learn through the videos for now and going back we can feel free to take our time. This way I know we complete the program.

Right now with it being about the aircraft itself I am not sure that my son is as interested in that portion as he has been in the history of flight. He finds the Notable Innovators very interesting as it’s history. I am hoping that when we get to the air traffic control and air field operations, that it may spark an interest in further learning and possibly a job interest.

As I have been doing this course a long with him, I have found that I have such an interest in aviation. I never thought I would be so interested. I never thought some of the things that make the plane run and fly were where they were on the plane. I am so fascinated with the history. Chuck Yeager was a very impressive pilot. Not only did he fight in World War 2, he also was the one who went faster then the speed of sound, aka we get the sonic boom. Learning all of this gives me a whole new perspective on things. I have only ever been on a cessna plane. I am sure the pilot will always remember me and have a very funny story to tell. I find myself now encouraging my kids to be able to take their first ride in a plane through the Young Eagles Program now. Then see where it goes from there.

There is so much to learn from this program. It really is a wonderful educational resource. I find it to be very inspiring. I would high suggest checking it out if your looking for credits for high school.

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