Dig-It! Games Roman Town App Review

Dig-It! Games Roman Town App Review

The kids really enjoy it when I add in iPad games to our school day. They have so much fun sometimes that they don’t realize it’s a learning game. My son and I had the chance to review Roman Town by Dig-It! Games. The app was used on our iPad.

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Roman Town is a game where you can explore Pompeii. You play games and solve puzzles to track down the master thief. As your solving puzzles and playing mini games you gather clues. You will need to put your thinking cap on in this game so you can beat the master thief. There are 35 unique puzzles that you can replay as many times as you want. You actually get to play some ancient Roman games. While your playing the game you are also learning factual information about Roman life. The mini games exercise strategic thinking, spatial reasoning, , memory logic, math skills, and more.


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I used this during our circle time where the kids were free to play on the iPads while I was getting the days work ready and put together. I have to be honest here as we had issues with the game were we didn’t get as far as some people. We had to wait for updates. Updates are sometimes quick and sometimes not depending on fast apple will approve them so it’s not the developers fault. I do have to say that I was really impressed with the communication and the help that I did receive to try to trouble shoot while we were waiting for updates. I also was really impressed at how in the loop I was kept on when the time frame of the updates would be released. Don’t let this discourage you from trying this wonderful app as any app can have an issue like this at any given time.

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My son and I both really liked the mini games. Some mini games were even really familiar to us. I had no idea that they came from Roman times. There was a dot game that we play on paper where you connect the lines to make a box. The person with the most boxes win. There was also a game that had stones you put on a board to make 5 in a row. Reminds me of the game of connect four. There was also a really challenging but fun mini game where you try to crack a combination. At first my son didn’t get as he wasn’t paying attention to the green checks and red x’s. After I explained it to him he understood that some numbers were right and others were wrong. There were also puzzles you put together of paintings. I find the older paintings really interesting and intriguing.


As your playing you stop and talk to people and you learn about facts. I found that taking in the facts was also very interesting. It definitely makes for a fun learning game. The kids can have fun learning and playing and not even realize they are learning something about history. Well ok I guess they realize after they are playing but it’s done in a really fun way. It keeps kids engaged and makes it so they want to continue and finish the game.

My Final Thought:

My overall thought is that this is an amazing game with many fun learning opportunities. The recommended age is for 9 – 11, however, this could be fun for the whole family to play. Even my 7 year old was interested in playing this game. She needed my help to read some of the words.

Dig-It! Games does have other apps as well as games for the computer and I highly recommend checking them out.

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Dig-It! Games Review

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