Devotions from Genesis Review and Giveaway



Devotions from Genesis is the first book in the series of devotions through the Torah. ┬áThere also is a second book called Devotions from Exodus Part 1. I was able to get both copies in pdf format, however I have only read Devotions from Genesis. It’s a beautiful journey through the Torah written by Nicole Love Halbrooks Vaughn. For me this began my journey into reading the bible and growing my relationship with God, and learning to understand things more in depth. So today I will share with you about the book and my thoughts on this book.

Nicole Vaughn’s Devotions from Genesis is beautifully written and takes you on a journey from the garden of Eden to the courts of the Pharaoh in Egypt. While your reading this allows you to see your own struggles and joys through the lives of patriarchs Adam to Joseph.

Here is a look at how the book flows:


Section 1: Genesis 1 – 11- Discovering the Character of God and Man through the creation, the fall, and the flood.

Section 2: Genesis 12 – 36 – Discovering faith and obedience through Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

Section 3: Genesis 37 – 50 – Discovering the comings of Christ and trust in the midst of trial through the life of Joseph

I must say for a beginning reader, books pertaining to the bible, this was an amazing journey for me. I felt like I got to discover God’s word in a way that was understanding and made sense to me. What I liked most was that I could go at my own pace through this book. I could read as much or as little as I like and stop and pick up again. It gave me time to reflect on my own experiences, struggles, and joys.




What I did was was curl up with my ipad and a good cup of tea and start reading. There were some days I could read more in one day and other days I could only read for a short time. Each time left me pondering and reflecting. I did keep a notebook so I could save my favorite versus for later. I wrote down pages I thought were important to my life so I could go back and reflect if I needed to. What I like is the format of the book., she would take a verse, then would talk about, and then a heartfelt prayer. I really liked being able to have things broken down in ways that one could really understand the teaching of what the verse meant. The prayers are so very heartfelt and lifting.

What will this book bring to you? Well I guess that would be dependent on every person but one thing it does is it lets you know your not alone. I feel that it will give a person more insight into your faith and God.



This quote above really had me thinking many times just how breathe taking the world is today. You can find beauty in every where you look. It’s absolutely amazing how it all started from nothing and was made into something.



I am very thankful that I got a chance to read this and I look forward to reading the next book in the series as well as the upcoming books.


Giveaway: 3 Lucky Readers will win a copy of Devotions from Genesis in PDF format. Winners will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner shall be picked. This giveaway will end December 20th, 2013.







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