Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Digital Packs Review

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One of our favorite math programs is Demme Learning’s Math-U-See program. For this review we had the chance to review the new Digital Packs. My daughter is currently on the Alpha level and is 9 chapters away from completing this level. If your looking for some space saving on curriculum and something you can access at anytime or anywhere, I highly suggest checking this out. Everything you need is at your fingertips. The only thing not included is the Student Workbook.


The Alpha Digital Pack gives you a 12 month access pass to the materials you will need for this course. The materials include the instructional videos, online manipulatives, Instructors material PDF, lesson and test solutions, skip counting mp3 and song book PDF, and more. The only thing that is not included in this package is the Student Workbook. That needs to be purchased separately.


How I Used This:  

I used this with my daughter 4 times a week. My daughter would work two lessons as a time. At the start of each lesson we watched the instructional video. I was able to look over the instructors manual to give her extra practice when the new lesson was introduced. She did use the online manipulatives with each lesson.




I have to say that I really liked that the manipulatives were online. It saved me from bringing out the actual manitpulatives and that means easy clean up. The manipulatives are really easy to use. You can turn them into the position that you would like them, you can stack them, you can even turn them upside down (to use for subtraction) and stack them that way as well. The colors are the same as the actual manipulative. I also think she liked the fact that she could do this on her iPad. There is no APP to install it is done right from the website.


I like the fact that everything you need to teach is right there online for you. This is a HUGE space saver for me as I don’t have to have an extra book or DVD lying around the house. It’s all right on the computer. I also like that you can take this on the go and move around easier. You can access this from anywhere. We use this on our iPad, but you can use it on any tablet and computer browser.

Even though my daughter knows how to skip count she loved being able to listen to the skip counting song and sing along. It only benefits her and her learning. It’s also great practice too.

Love the fact that the instruction videos are online. It saves time hunting for the DVD and putting it into the computer. You also don’t have to pick the group of lessons it falls into and then the lesson itself. You simple see all the lessons in number order. To me that in itself saves a lot of steps.

I love the Digital Packs for the convienance and space saving. I love the fact that I can take it with me and access it everywhere and I don’t have all these other things to lug around. The only thing I need is the iPad and student workbook.

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Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

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