Debating About Intensive Autism Therapy – Round 2

When my son was little we did intensive autism therapy 40 hours a week for almost 3 years. He was in post intensive for a couple years after that and then we lost his therapy. I don’t think at the time we had the world’s greatest case manager. I don’t think she tried hard enough to keep him on the services. We now have a great case manager for him and he is in the process of starting more therapy. They are just waiting on hiring someone. This post isn’t about my son it is about my daughter.

My daughter is 7 and if they didn’t take Aspergers away and now lump everything into just ASD that is where she would fall. I had her evaluated three times over the last 7 years. The last two times the doctors felt that she would fall under Aspergers. My daughter is such an amazing sponge!! She loves homeschooling and she loves to learn. There are things she spouts off to me that I haven’t even taught her and she knows. Blows my mind away sometimes.

The problem where she falls into is expressive communication, OCD and social issues. She can interact with kids but she is a space invader. She also doesn’t take jokes really well. She can be serious at times. Most of the time she wants things her way and doesn’t compromise. She can play along side others too.

Whatever you do …..don’t mess with the crayons!! My daughter sorted all her crayons into colors and then put them away in rainbow order. If you take them out and misplace them she really flips out. She isn’t nice about it either.

This past evaluation I was expecting just some light therapy and that would be it. I was surprised when the letter came back suggesting about 25 – 30 hours a week for intensive therapy. So I thought ok she needs it lets do it. We had our first meeting and then they had to approve it. Well then it was time for orientation. My feathers are a little ruffled as I have to do the orientation but am not crazy about it as I have been down this road before and am no stranger.

As I think about it more I am not sure that is the best thing for her. They want to do therapy from 8 – 2 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Then after that I have to do her homework for the day. Well if you ask me that is a long day. I am not sure that I am ok with that. Right now we have the luxury of starting homework early and then now that it is getting nicer there are more get togethers with other homeschoolers and friends after school. I really don’t want her to miss out on any of that interaction with other kids. I like being able to come and go as I please. I love when spur of the moment things come up for us too.

With the therapy I won’t have that freedom. Is 6 hours of therapy and then trying to do homework going to stress her out. I already know that I can’t be any more stressed then I already am. I know if this is going to be to much on me I would have to cut back because I refuse to be stressed out. I figured that if it’s to much on her I will have to cut back too.

We were suppose to go to orientation Wednesday but my daughter was sick and I haven’t rescheduled it. Maybe now I think it’s a good thing.

The other thing I was worried about is being in two places at once. My son needs occupational and physical therapy. I have to meet his needs too. I know I have to learn to ask other for help but I hate feeling like a burden. Others have said that they would step in and help if need be. Believe me I am thankful for that.

I keep debating what to do. I just don’t have the answers right now but a bunch of feelings of being overwhelmed. The plus side to this is I could get my sons homework done early and still get my cleaning done. The downfall is doing homework later and missing out on other things we could be doing.


2 Responses to “Debating About Intensive Autism Therapy – Round 2”

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    I’m sure the anxiety you’re experiencing over this is excruciating. It’s such a hard decision to make! Such an intensive therapy schedule as you describe would cause my daughter more harm than good! I’ll be praying for you as you make your choice!

    admin Reply:

    Thank you! I went through intensive therapy with my son and I never dreamed I would have another one that needs it. I was actually surprised as she is totally different then my son. I am working on getting my sons services ready and I am working on getting his occupational therapy. Once I know what is going on I will have more of a decision. I am looking into another company as I heard it was new. It might be more of what my daughter needs.

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