Dear Autism – My Open Ended Letter

Dear Autism,

I have known you for about 12 years now. My son who is 12 has high functioning autism and my daughter 6 has Aspergers. We have had many ups and downs and gains and regressions. We just keep trucking along and working through any issues that is tossed our way. We do get through it. The many new things you have thrown at me that go along with autism have created bumps in the road. It’s okay we are used to it and again we got through it.

Through the bullies and people who had the looks of their faces of judgement, I have felt bad, felt mortified, and now I just don’t care what people think. Why do you ask? Well for starters the bullies are just ignorant people who will one day get a kick in the pants from Karama. The others who want to judge well that will pass. You can take the chance to educate and make awareness and acceptance happen.

You have made school for my son impossible. There is no accommodating his needs. It’s more so pushed being mainstreamed in a class that makes things worse. The melt downs, kicking, screaming and biting I have gotten past. Many days of seeing my son shut down broke my heart. We have solved the problem and now he is blossoming with one on one homeschooling. My daughter on the other hand has the want to learn and is blossoming above what she can do in some areas. It’s a pleasure working on their abilities and building off that.

As far as friends my kids have them. With my daughter it’s not always easy as she wants to do things her way and it’s hard for her to let others have a say. She loves people but is a space invader. Yes she does have a couple best friends. My son is getting out there with his friends. He more so has some obsessions with things and finds like minded friends. It’s nice to seem them interact. Although going to places outside of town is hard because of the anxiety, the crowds of people, and maybe even the loud noises. Once again we have worked through this and it’s progress in the works.

You have taught me a lot in the 12 years. Never give up. Don’t stop with answers until your satisfied. Keep on researching. Educate people about you. Embrace what is now.

One of the things is my kids aren’t very good liars as they smile when they lie. I love the fact that they speak what is on their mind. They may not totally get emotions or how express them correctly. They may not understand when someone is joking and may get offended. Just have patience and sometimes chuckle on the inside to get through it.

My favorite thing is both of my kids are unique and that is something you can’t take away from them. They excel at their own pace. They are amazing in their own way. They make my heart full.

So thank you for all the ups and downs we have had to go through. It has made me a stronger person for that. It has taught me to be strong and fight for what I believe. The possibilities are endless.

A Parent Of Autistic Children

37 Responses to “Dear Autism – My Open Ended Letter”

  • 1
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    The possibilities ARE endless and you are a stronger person for sure.

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Robin.

  • 2
    janelle says:

    thank you for sharing this. I will pass this along to my sister as my nephew has autism.
    janelle´s last blog post ..Old school butter yeast rolls

    admin Reply:

    Thank you!

  • 3
    Paula Parker says:

    Beautifully written. Very inspirational. You are a strong lady with beautiful children. May your family be blessed!

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Paula.

  • 4
    Kungphoo says:

    That was a great letter.. It helps us understand that these are kids and people as well and not to treat them any different.. I had an autistic neighbor child on both sides of me in my last house.. These 2 kids were so friendly and always put smiles on our faces.. 1 was, and please forgive me i do not know the correct terms, not able to speak and walk, and the other was able to walk, but make sounds and clap his hands to know what he wanted..

    admin Reply:

    Autism comes in many forms and sometimes it can affect speech. Some kids can talk, other kids can talk a little bit, and others cannot. It can also affect gross and fine motor skills as well. My son struggles with fine motor. It’s amazing how kids can put a smile on our face. Yes people shouldn’t treat them any different. Sadly sometimes they do because they don’t understand. I wanted to say so much but I might have to break down more over a course of a few days. It’s been a while since I wrote about autism.

  • 5

    My heart goes out to you but look at how many people you bless by blogging and raising awareness–amazing! And I think so much of the apprehension around autism and Aspergers is just lack of awareness. I know when my son was little, 16 years ago, almost no one talked about it.
    Terri Ingraham | Sugar Free Glow´s last blog post ..Rebecca Mahoney

    admin Reply:

    Terri you are absolutely right though. For so long nobody talked about and now you hear about it a lot. So it has come along way. When I started blogging I didn’t know anyone who had an autistic child. I felt alone. I think that is kind of what got me into blogging. Homeschool is just a part of how we roll now. The thing is if I didn’t tell people my kids had autism I don’t think some people would even know because they are so high functioning. Don’t get me wrong there are some behaviors that could give it away.

  • 6

    What a wonderful “open letter”. What an amazing woman and mother you are! LOVE this post!

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Dawn <3. I wanted to write so much and kept writing and rewriting.

  • 7

    Your children are so fortunate to a loving and understanding mom! Great job!! We homeschooled our daughter all the way through high school and now she is impressing at college!! I loved the freedom of homeschooling!
    Marion@Life Tastes Good´s last blog post ..Patriotic No Bake Cake

    admin Reply:

    Marion that is fantastic. Even more fantastic that she is impressing at college as well. I love the freedom of homeschooling and I love the fact I can work at what their needs are. My son is in 7th grade and I have already starting thinking about High School.

  • 8
    LauraOinAK says:

    I love how autism is spelled out at the top. We recently had an overnight retreat with an autistic child in attendance. He added such an interesting twist to some of the activities.
    LauraOinAK´s last blog post ..Celebrating the End of School (almost Wordless Wednesday)

    admin Reply:

    Kids can be full of surprises. I love it 🙂

  • 9
    Melanie says:

    I have several friends who have autistic children , and I know that they would relate to your letter! Sharing!

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Melanie.

  • 10
    Liz Mays says:

    There are a lot of blessings within those struggles, that’s for sure. I’m glad you can see it for the positives too!
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..Summertime Sandwiches – Zesty Italian Hero

    admin Reply:

    As they say the good always out ways the bad. However, when your going through the bad sometimes the good looks further away. The one thing is just knowing you can work through it.

  • 11
    Debra says:

    My sweet niece is autistic and she is the most amazing little soul I have ever met. Beautiful letter.
    Debra´s last blog post ..Easy Patriotic Baby Bows

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Debra.

  • 12
    mary says:

    My oldest is within the spectrum. It was a challenge to get him even diagnosed. We just knew things weren’t quite right.
    mary´s last blog post ..Celebrating 3 Childhood Firsts at the Disney Parks

    admin Reply:

    We had trouble at first. I knew something was not right. but it took me some patience to find the right Doctor. I noticed at the time we were going through it some of the Doctors weren’t really experienced with autism and were looking for the really severe symptoms. We were finally referred to a wonderful developmental doctor who specializes in autism/cp. His diagnosis kept changing over the years to different parts of the spectrum.

  • 13

    You’re such a strong woman, keep up the hard work and good parenting!
    Touristmeetstraveler´s last blog post ..Travel and Eating in Naples: Coffee, Pastries, and Pizza in the Bustling City

    admin Reply:

    Thank you 🙂

  • 14
    Rosey says:

    I love this letter. And i Love that the kiddos laugh when they lie. I have a BIL who does the same (even now as an adult) and it cracks me up. Fortunately, those little white lies he’s trying to pass are all over his face, and it reminds me of when HE was a little one. 🙂

    admin Reply:

    LOL not that I want my kids to lie. I think it is funny when they can’t because they are so busted and they start laughing. We do talk about having to tell the truth after that. It’s funny sometimes because they are just so blunt. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it isn’t. Hard sometimes to keep a straight face.

  • 15

    This is a great letter. Our son struggles with sensory issues and I know how challenging it can be.
    shannah @ Just Us Four´s last blog post ..Keeping Smiles Bright

    admin Reply:

    They sure can be challenging. My daughter has some strange sensory issues. My son on the other hand has different ones.

  • 16

    Such a great Open ended letter!!

    I have never got the opportunity to be with someone who has Autism. I said Opportunity because, I definitely believe that they are special children that teaches normal human beings so much
    Payal Bansal (@TrendsnHealth)´s last blog post ..Why do Relationships these days end in Breakups and Divorces?

    admin Reply:

    Thank you. Maybe you have had the opportunity and just didn’t know it 🙂 Sometimes if you didn’t know someone had it you wouldn’t know it. If I don’t tell people they wouldn’t know my kids have it because they are higher functioning.

  • 17
    Mistee Dawn says:

    Beautiful letter. I also have a child with special needs. I know the heartbreak and the joy that can come with it.
    Mistee Dawn´s last blog post ..RoboCop – Movie Review. #RoboCop

    admin Reply:

    Thank you Mistee. It’s nice to know that even with a different special need that you can relate. Here’s to all they joy 🙂 The heartbreaks just make us stronger 🙂

  • 18

    I love when parents recognize and appreciate their children’s unique personalities and appreciate them rather than try to quash them.
    Karen @TheMissingNiche´s last blog post ..Know A Great Blogger? Be A Great Fan!

  • 19

    Thank you for sharing your journey! This was all interesting information I didn’t know.
    krystalskitsch´s last blog post ..Summer Recipes: Refreshing Summer Treats

    admin Reply:

    Your welcome.

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