Daily Bible Jigsaw – Review

Do you like puzzles?? I absolutely love doing puzzles both on my iPad and real life puzzles. I have been enjoying the Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316. It is free to play and you can play it on different devices. I will share where later in the review. I did receive 500 coins for this review.

Daily Bible Jigsaw gives you one puzzle to complete each day. It’s not a lot of pieces but the puzzles can sure be a little challenging with whatever picture they are have each day. Once you complete the puzzle you see a very gorgeous illustrated picture and there is a bible verse to read. You can share your completed puzzle when your done. You can also challenge your friends. I have not done this yet because at times I still feel like a turtle.

Again the puzzle itself is free. If you want to spend money on coins you can. There are different options that you can use for your coins. I spent coins every day to just give me the edges to start out with so I can put the puzzle together a little faster. You can use the coins to do past puzzles. There was a couple days that I missed that I spent the coins to play the past puzzle. Every day that you play a puzzle it gives you a puzzle piece to complete that months puzzle. You can spend coins to play the same puzzle again to get a faster time. There is also a magnet piece that you can spend coins on so that a pieces is a magnet and attracts other pieces.

You can also win coins here and there from doing so many puzzles, sometimes there are power pieces that earns you a coin. There are also free puzzles that you can do as well. Those have quite a few more pieces to play with. I have played them as well. I am not quick as a whip with them but I really did enjoy them. You can also look in the archive at the past puzzles over the months and play them as well. Those past puzzles do cost coins to play. I do want to mention that it doesn’t cost but a couple coins for each thing you want to do that is extra. I find that to be really impressing because I have seen other games where you spend a lot to play just a few things. So that is one thing I really liked, because I felt your coins really went a long way.

I do try to play this daily but there is a day here and there I get side tracked and busy and forget. I don’t know about you but I think there is something calming about doing a puzzle.

This really is a great free app. The quality of the puzzles are there. The pictures are gorgeous, they are very colorful. The bible verses I find to be very inspiring. The bible verses are well picked for the picture. I also like the suspense of what the pieces of each day will complete for the monthly puzzle picture. The nice thing is you can play this on Facebook, Facebook game room, android, and apple. So it’s not just limited to iPhone and Android phones or tablets. Remember no matter what device you use to play this, you can challenge your friends!!

In all honesty and it’s not just because this is a review. This has become on of my favorite apps to play daily!

Google Play (Android Devices) 

Apple App Store (iOS Devices) 

Facebook (Mac or PC computer browser….Chrome and Firefox Work Best) 

Facebook Game Room (PC Computer)

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Daily Bible Jigsaw {Planet 316 Reviews}

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