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If you like upbeat, family and educational videos, then I highly recommend checking out Curiosity Quest. The host Joel Greene takes viewers on ventures that stem from curiosity requests. Each video starts out with a viewer question and then the adventure begins. The shows are not scripted they are hands on.

We received two DVD Combo Pack – Produce and DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea. Both of which we really enjoyed.


The DVD Combo Pack – Produce  ($24.95) had three episodes on it: Mushrooms, Orange Picking, and Cranberries. We loved all three episodes.


The DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea ($24.95) had three episodes on it: Turtle Rescue, Penguins, and Salmon Hatchery.



Mushrooms – Have you ever wondered how they were grown? I never really thought about them until the viewer asked the question and away they went to a mushroom farm. Then my curiosity started peeking. I did wonder where they grew. I always thought they were listed in a vegetable class. I always jokingly called them fungus as I am not a fan of mushrooms. A mushroom is not a vegetable it is a fungus. It was amazing watching the process of how mushrooms were grown. My mind was kind of blown as the soil was made out of hay that they treated. It’s not really seeds they plant but spawns of the mushroom that gets mixed in with the hay. It was very interesting how each mushroom is grown in different temps and humidity’s. I never knew that mushrooms were considered water as that is what they are made of. Another interesting thing is they control how big and small the different mushrooms were. Portabello mushrooms can’t be grown bigger then 7 inches. That is a HUGE mushroom.


Cranberries – I was really excited to watch this when I found out the cranberry farm was here in Wisconsin. I have lived here all my life and never visited a cranberry farm. I think that is because it is on the southwest side of the state. I always thought cranberries grew in water. They do not. They fill the bog with water when it’s time to harvest the cranberries. The cranberries then flow to the top. It was very interesting to learn that the farm they visited was probably the biggest cranberry farm in the United States. Once I saw the packaging I knew I have used those cranberries from that farm. It was also nice to see how harvesting cranberries has changed over the years. It was intriguing how the cranberries went through the machines to be sorted between going to the stores to sell, what was going to juicing, and then cattle feed. You see the whole process from them farming, cleaning, sorting, checking them over, and packaging.


Orange Picking – This was really interesting as I have never been orange picking. In fact we don’t have orange trees where we are so my chances of ever being in a place to pick oranges is slim to none. In this video you saw them picking oranges, fixing the green oranges to ready them to turn orange, cleaning them, looking through a blue light for a virus, sorting, cleaning again and packaging. Oranges go through many different processes and inspections. It get sorted for sale, juicing and then I don’t remember if what they do with the fruit that isn’t good. I think it might go to cattle feed. Don’t quote me as I might be wrong. The machines can sort the different sizes and it goes into a questionable sort for people to sort through to the correct place. It was very fascinating. One thing that stood out at me was by the trees. When it’s above 32 degree they turn on these fans to filter down the warmer air. As the orchard might get cold but the air above it is warmer. Go figure, who knew that was something that could even happen.

Swimmers of the Sea:


Turtle Rescue – This was mine and my sons favorite. I never really knew that there were so many different species of turtles. I had no idea that many are that face of instinction. The turtle hospital rescues turtles, gives them rehabilitation, and releases them back into the wild. It was interesting in what the turtles ate and how they fed them. There was some really big turtles in those tanks. It was neat how they had things in some of the pens for the turtles that would kind of symbolize their life in their habitats. They had pcv pipe in one, I can’t remember exactly why. I had to chuckle that Joel wanted to handle the sweet little baby turtles but he couldn’t handle them only the Turtle Rescue could. I think in the DVD it said some of the turtles find their way there for help. I don’t know if they meant on their own or if people brought them or both. I think it is kind of neat if they end up their on their own. It’s good that they can heal them and send them back into the wild.


Penguins – This was my daughters favorite. It was nice to see the different things that the penguins eat. Even how they sneak the vitamins into some of their fish to keep them healthy. I had no idea that penguins could be in a moderate type of climate. I always thought they were in cold climates. We thought the little penguin that followed Joel was really sweet. It was young and didn’t mind being a model when they talked about how soft the feathers were and the wings of the penguin. They were surely hungry during feeding time. It’s amazing that they know each ones names and watch to see how much they eat. I never really thought they were watched that close.


Salmon Hatchery – This was very interesting. We are not new to salmon hatcheries as we have one here in the county. I think it’s amazing how they have these little hatchlings and keep them in the river so they learn the smell and release them. It’s amazing how they have a sense of smell and know where to return to spawn. In this place in the show, I believe it was somewhere in Alaska they have 5 different types of salmon. Very interesting that each finger can help you remember the names. Although I don’t remember them. The holding tanks were huge. Never knew they held that many. Sad though as they spawn they die. It was nice watching them swim up the river. It was also nice to see the different places in the hatchery and hearing about the different stages and ages.

My overall thoughts:

We loved these episodes. I love Joel’s enthusiasm in each episode and how much fun he has in learning something new. I love that the show is based off a viewers questions. I think my favorite part was during the episodes when they were interviewing the kids and adults. I chuckled at some of the kids answers. The questions were asking what they know and then they go back and continue the episode they are in.

There was so much to learn in each of these episodes. It’s like you were right there with them enjoying the fun to be had while learning.

The suggested age range for these DVDs are 7 – 14. I personally think these are great for the whole family.

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