Creator Box – Build Your Own Catapult Review

Creator Box Educational STEM Building Kit

I was really excited when I was contacted by Creator Box. I was told that I would have a box sent to me for my review. Once we received the box and opened it up to see what our project was my son became really excited. We discovered we were building a catapult.


Let me tell you about Creator Box. Once a month your child will receive a build-your-own kit. These are educational toys for kids ages 6 – 12 that inspire young builders. You sign up for a subscription and you will have your box delivered every month.

Have you ever heard of STEM? What these boxes contain are STEM activities that teach you science, technology, engineering and math. I will explain how some of this as included in the catapult later in this review. I have always wondered what STEM and now I have a even bigger interest in STEM activities. They may not contain every subject of stem but I think it’s awesome that they add a little learning into these kits.

I really like that every you need to build this project is in the box. It comes in handy not having to run for extra supplies. The instructions come with it. They were very easy to read. There was both pictures and words. What I really liked was that there was something to learn as you built this catapult. There was talk of the Roman Empire using the catapults to knock down walls and destroy their enemies. It also talked a little bit about what was thrown from the catapult. There was a little science in there learning a little bit about friction and levers.

I feel that can add into imagination. Especially when the kids get to try the catapult for themselves. Later of course they get to play with it without having someone hover over them asking questions.


The pieces were very sturdy. It wasn’t something you built and it broke easily. Once you build it and glue it, the catapult educational toy is very sturdy. It even lasted in my daughter hands, with out breaking and that says a lot. My daughter didn’t help us build, but she did help us play with it.


Over all I was really impressed with the quality of this kit. It provided a sense of having my son read the directions and building it with little to no assistance. I did the gluing. As he doesn’t like to get his fingers sticky. It provided a little background and education while building. That I really liked as we did stop and talk about things that were mentioned. We talked about other examples as well. It provided us with discussion. My son didn’t take the time to decorate it on his own as by this point he was ready to go out and enjoy the weather. He or my daughter may still decorate it.

It looks like there are two different types of subscriptions. There are two different subscriptions one is $19.99 and the other is $39.95. Both have free shipping. They are monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time.

The video below is of my son and I trying out the catapult with the different rubber bands. We wanted to see which one was more powerful and how it worked. I can already see how he will use this. I think maybe we should have set it up for our review. We have knights and castle toys that he could have knocked down instead of the box it came in. The imagination once it is together is what provides a lot of the fun.

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