Crazy Last Couple Weeks – Good Things Happening

It has been a crazy couple weeks. I took on a baby sitting job and I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 4 year old. I forgot what it was like having a little one. It hasn’t really been a bad thing it’s just taking some getting use to. During the last couple weeks my son has come out of his shell more and he has really helped to with the little one. He is really good with younger kids. I am so proud of him.

When the kids first came I figured I could include the 4 year old in homework activities. It was really cute as the first day he asked me, When can I do homework? We have been working on writing his name, letters, and numbers. This month we will be doing a Thanksgiving theme. He loves music and loves to sing. It’s actually kind of cute. I have a schedule planned in my head of how I want to do things and we shall see if it works out better as he will be a little more busy now.

Dakota had his big wart cut off and a couple more burned. The day I took him though was a little crazy as the spot they cut wouldn’t stop bleeding. We went to the library and I thought it would have stopped by then and the librarian  stopped me and asked me if we wanted a band aid. So we put gauze on and tape. We weren’t even there 20 minutes and it bled right through. So I had him add deep pressure for 20 minutes while we were in the car. Still had 20 more minutes to go before we got home. The bleeding slowed down and I was going to give it another hour and then take him in to our family doctor. It’s been slow to heal. We go back in another week or two.

Everyone in the house has been sick. The germs are really flying around the house. Once the kids start up at school it seems the germs start flying. Tis the season. The little ones were sick too!

The best news is that we are approved for a VA Loan and we can start looking around to find a house. This has been a long time coming and I was crying when she told me as I didn’t think it was going to go through. Who knew you could cry so many tears of joy!

The kids have been working well on their homework. We had a couple days we didn’t do it as we were trying to create a schedule that works with having the littles here. Dakota has been working on Chemistry for Science. We have been watching videos for a up coming review. They have been really fascinating and interesting. Brittany has been working on Presidents and African Grasslands. We switched our science to Sassafras Science and she absolutely loves it. We also have added in a Cooking/Baking Class now. We do that on Fridays.

This week I have a couple recipes I want to share this week. We made some really awesome homemade pretzels and it is our favorite recipe. We also made some Fall Sugar Cookie Cut Outs. The kids had fun making those on Friday.

Hope you all have a great week!

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