Cooking Up History with the Founding Presidents – Once-A Week-Micro-Studies – Review

Homeschool Legacy Review

Do you like to teach with Unit Studies? My kids love unit studies as we can spend more time on the things we are studying if we choose. There are so many things we can add in as well. Homeschool Legacy has many titles to choose from for unit studies. For this review we received a Once-A-Week-Micro-Study called Cooking Up History with the Founding Presidents. This is for Grades 1 – 8.

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The Once-A-Week-Micro-Study is divided into 3, 30 minute assignments. It provides students with creative and engaging assignments. For example one of the assignments was to cartoon George Washington. You also have the choice to further education with additional links. You can complete the assignments all in one day if you choose. It is really flexible that is the nice thing about it.

Cooking Up History with the Founding President has four presidents that you will learn about and their wives too. Your child will learn about George and Martha Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James and Dolley Madison. The thing that makes this special is that you get to cook each unit of a favorite of the president you are learning about.

How We Used This:


We do history 2 days a week. I used this with my daughter as she loves to be in the kitchen making things. We spent about 2 days sometimes a third day learning about each of the presidents. I think my daughters favorite was George Washington. She loved making the Cherry Pie and the cartoon drawing of George Washington.

I really love how things are set up for this unit study. There is some reading but you get to check out books from your local library to extend the unit. My daughter really enjoyed the books we picked up at the library. I love that their are hyper links for you to explore more. I also like the Did you know facts at the end. There are pictures of each President with a little bio which is nice was well. There was language and history that you were learning in these studies as well. There was some a little complex for my daughter but that is ok because later down the road we can revisit this and do it again.


She had the chance to make cherry pie, apple dowdy, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream…..her favorite was Cherry Pie of course! We used homemade cherry pie filling for it as well. So that was a little extra special for us!


We are spending a little more time on the last President though as my daughter wants to learn more about the war of 1812. I thought this was very interesting as it basically gives you a look at how everything has been shaped for the Presidents and First Ladies. Although a lot has changed since then and shifted away from what the founding Fathers have started. I won’t get into my opinion on that.

One of the most interesting facts to me was about George Washington, the people wanted him to be King but he declined that and said Mr President is fine. It sets off that the President is a very important title as well. I never knew that much about Martha Washington until we studied them. We did check out books on both the President and the First Lady.

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