Confessions of a Real Mom Raising Autistic Kids – Week 2

Confessions of a Real Mom Raising Autistic Kids Week 2

Welcome to week to of my Confessions of a Real Mom Raising Autistic Kids. I am taking you into a glimpse of my life with the good, bad, and the ugly. This week has flown by. I don’t know if I can remember everything this week. It wasn’t a bad week this week at all. We had our moments.

Monday I had spent the morning on the phone with the cardiologists office as my heart rate went up to 143 and my chest was pounding again. It was so much fun to keep calling them trying to get my EKG scheduled as they weren’t entering it right. The doctors in town called me and I went in but then they had problems trying to get the orders so they had to call. I figured if I couldn’t take care of it in three calls they better to do it so it gets done right. My EKG was normal. I knew it would be. I also met the lady from the county. The county was here evaluating Dakota so I could hopefully get him on some autism services again, because of the regression. We are awaiting this weeks testing to see what happens. I also decided that I am switching his psychiatrist because I can’t have someone who doesn’t want to adjust his meds and then start blaming it on Vitamin D. I was a little mortified when the lady was here as the kids were messing around with drum sticks and one came flying inches from the lady. My son said Did I embarrass you? I just wanted to bury my head. I was glad she was seeing some of his behavior though.


Tuesday we went to Milwaukee to Children’s Hospital for my daughter to see a Kidney Doctor. Our first stop in the hospital was the fish tank. My daughter loves that fish tank and always has to stop and look at it. Yes I guess we are there a little to much if she can remember that fish tank. Of course my daughter has a really great memory. The doctor spent 45 minutes talking in technical terms about everything. I looked at my mom and we kind of had a look like move on with it, we just want to know in English terms what is going on. The point is nothing is wrong. Which is great but I wish they could have just consulted rather then making us go all the way down there. I am relieved and it’s one less thing to worry about. At first it was scary but after the testing before we came it was less scary. I haven’t heard from them on the tests so I am assuming it’s all fine. On our way back we stopped at Pizza Ranch for lunch. My son spent the night at my parents.

Wednesday I picked up my son and we came home and worked on homework. Brittany had soccer at the YMCA. She had fun and the class she is taking is actually teaching her soccer skills.

Thursday morning the kids had homeschool gym at the YMCA. They both seemed to have fun. I also got a chance to meet other homeschool moms. I learned about an art class after the gym class and we are going to join in this week. We won’t be able to do the upcoming field trip as we will be coming back from Milwaukee that day. I also find out the moms meet every other week. They talk about homeschool and plan out field trips and I am not sure what else.  I was really glad to make some new friends and learn about somethings in the area related to homeschooling. We came home and did homework and then went back to the Y as my daughter has gymnastics. She is loving that class. Poor girl was tuckered and sleeping by 7 as she had a pretty busy day.

Spring Day

Friday we took our daughter to the Wild Life Sanctuary. We saw the first baby goslings of the year. We even saw a mommy goose stand up and adjust her nest and check on her eggs. It was a nice day to enjoy the weather. We also bought something at the Wild Life Sanctuary as a project to do. I saw some butterfly houses and I am going to have my husband make some and see if any stick around for the winter. Soon we will be starting to grow our own butterflies to release. I have to start planting the butterfly garden soon.

Saturday we spent the day at a city wide rummage. Then we let the kids play at the park and we went for a early dinner at Mc Donald’s. I didn’t find much that I was looking for. We even got sunburn. Of course I forget the sunscreen.

Today we are working on yard work. Today isn’t starting off as the greatest. I don’t think my son slept much the last couple days so I have to start watching for signs of seizures. The talking back and attitude has again started this morning. It’s going to make for a long day if he keeps this up. We are going to work on some yard work today before it rains.

Hoping that next week goes as well as this week. We have the cognitive functioning test coming up this week and I am also looking forward to a night away with the kids. My mom is going with me so my husband doesn’t have to take off work. I don’t know how much I will find out this week but answers are coming.

Hope you all have a great week.

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